I Tried It: Nipple Cream

Surprise, it's amazing on your lips and other dry parts of your face.

By Hala Daher November 9, 2016

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In my search to beat the dryness this coming winter season, I've been looking at a number of products. Last week I tackled moisturizing with coconut oil. This week it's nipple cream. Oh yes. Nipple cream. To use on my lips and any other dry parts on my face. 

My friend Fayza made the suggestion to me after hearing me complain for days about all the dryness I've been dealing with. She recommended the brand Mother Love and gave me the simplest of instructions: Use it in place of a lip balm. Nursing moms use it on chapped nipples and it's safe for baby. Surely it'll help me with my goals and is safe for the rest of my body. Like most of the moisturizing products I've been using lately, it's a mixture of oils: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, organic marshmallow root and organic calendula flower.

I found Mother Love Nipple Cream online at Amazon though it's also sold at Target in the personal care section. I immediately set out trying it. I kept it in my purse and made sure to hide the label out of some strange shame. It's just a little weird for a non-nursing woman to walk around with nipple cream in her purse. The salve doesn't really have a smell and goes on light. It's not sticky or goopy, either. 

I feel a little mixed about my results after a couple of weeks of nearly religious use. It's certainly helped tackle some of the dryness I've been experiencing, but my lips aren't super supple and moist just yet. I felt like I needed something stronger, or maybe something thicker. Turns out I needed a different formulation. 

I've read that Lansinoh Nipple Cream, which contains lanolin, a lipid that resembles the outermost layer of skin, is the most helpful. The big concern with lanolin is that it can be an allergen, but I didn't have any allergic reactions, even with my sensitive skin. And it certainly provided me with the moisturizing I needed. 

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