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Get Designer-Approved Floors with This Chic Rug Collection

Marie Flanigan has released a new slate of nature-inspired rugs for Madison Lily.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen February 15, 2017

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The 'Links' rug, part of the Marie Flanigan Collection at Madison Lily.

"There’s so many ways to get inspired to decorate a room, and one of my favorite is with a rug," says designer Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. "It's like a piece of art on the floor—you use the color palette, or pull in the texture."

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Marie Flanigan in front of her "Marie" rug for Madison Lily.

Flanigan is known for her use of texture to design beautiful, layered rooms, so tapping her for a designer rug collaboration seems like a natural fit. Flanigan's latest collection with Houston-based Madison Lily dropped earlier this month and the results are perfectly aligned with her signature elegant simplicity.

The collection focuses on a neutral palette—although Flanigan points out that clients can customize the designs in any color—with geometric lines and shapes softened by blurred edges and hand-painted patterns. 

"I was very inspired by nature and an organic feel. The second season feels very painterly, there's a lot of hand-painted organic shapes," says Flanigan, who says that the uneven rows of dots in the Mosaic pattern was created by creating each tiny brush-stroke dot herself. 

Flanigan also thought about what she loves to see and to use in rooms that she creates, including mixed textures like wool and silk, inspired by a designer trick that creates a surprisingly eye-catching effect.

"There’s always a light side to rugs— the fibers lay to one side so as you walk around it can totally transform" says Flanigan. "When you mix raw materials with a shinier textile like silk, when the lights hits it lights up the pattern—it's really beautiful."

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