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Move over, Maxxinista, there's a stylish new bargain hunter in town. I call her the Face-ionista, an eagle-eyed scouter of Facebook's multifarious trading groups. Its been several months since I joined a handful of neighborhood groups looking to buy, and then sell, wedding supplies, but I was surprised how addictive they can become, even if you're not looking to buy. Every new notification is a chance to score a serious bargain—assuming you can leave the first "interested" comment and slide into the seller's DMs to seal the deal. 

These groups often feature anything and everything—furniture, clothing, accessories, cars, you name it—but they are particularly great for label lovers who can set notifications for specific searches. But which designers are easiest to find in the Inner Loop? I scoured three of the biggest buy and sell groups—Houston Heights Trading, Upper Kirby Trading, and Rice Village/West U Upscale Trading—to come up with a rough list.


This entry-level luxury brand is surprisingly ubiquitous, maybe because its leather goods are long-lasting and fairly resistant to trends. Keep an eye out for large handbags and totes in solid colors, although there are a handful of shoes and sunglasses listed, too.

Lilly Pulitzer

Just in case there was any doubt that Houston is still the South, Lilly Pulitzer stands out as one of the most popular clothing brands, both in number of posts and number of interested buyers, especially the summery dresses in smaller sizes. 

Christian Louboutin

I'm kind of surprised that there are so many people who not only own these coveted heels, but are also willing to part with them. Classic pumps are frequently priced between $250 and $500 ($350 seems to be the sweet spot), so this is one of those times when a good deal is still an investment.

Kendra Scott

I don't personally understand the appeal of super-expensive costume jewelry that's fairly basic in design, but I'm obviously out of step with Houston shoppers on that one. There's a lot available here—most pieces start around $40 though, so it's not much of a markdown from retail unless you can get the seller to negotiate.

Kate Spade New York

Listings on Facebook are like a microcosm of the ever-expanding Kate Spade empire, with a smattering of clothing and home goods, however the shoes (especially the Keds collab) and the signature streamlined handbags are the bulk of the finds. 


Are these designer yoga pants, tank tops and sports bras so great that people even want to snap up used options? I guess so. Just wash them first, please?

Tory Burch

Sandals, ballet flats and boots with the signature T logo are the name of the game here, although hunters can also find the occasional handbag or piece of clothing.


Provenance is often tricky to determine, so buyer beware, especially if you're about to drop three digits, but if your heart skips a beat on finding vintage earrings, signature sunglasses and even the famed quilted totes, you're in luck.

Michael Kors

Hi, did you know that Michael Kors has an accessories empire? There are many, many shoes and handbags for deal-finders to choose from, but if you dig deeper you can find some coveted MK watches, too.


Though not technically a brand, the clothing from this store is easily recognizable and usually sold as Anthro rather than by the lesser-known label. Anyways, there's lots of twee dresses, skirts and shirts, with extra ruffles and perky prints to choose from.

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