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You, too, can master this skill.

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Anyone who has ever been late for a wedding because their date spent 20 minutes watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how to tie his tie knows that the average guy could use a little more style knowledge. Even if your look is currently on summer vacation, this is the perfect time to elevate your style IQ before the fall calendar gets hectic.

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Sid Mashburn is sharing his style secrets.

That's why men's shop Sid Mashburn is hosting weekly seminars on Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. throughout the month of August at all five of its stores nationwide, including the Houston location on River Oaks Blvd. Sid Mashburn regularly hosts coffee and donut klatches for guys on Saturday mornings —you know, before family or job responsibilities kick in and take over your weekend—and the style tips are a fun and useful way to mix it up.

The first August Saturday focused on "how to do the pocket square thing" (apparently there's more to it than folding it into ... a square?), and the upcoming lesson on Aug. 12 offers a lesson on how to tie a tie the Sid Mashburn way, which they claim is also the easiest way. The latter half of the month will focus on more wide-ranging advice. Tips for taking care of your clothes is the subject on Aug. 19, and the final Saturday on Aug. 26 will cover Sid's guide to packing for all types of trips.

Master these lessons, and watch your clothing money stretch farther as you make wise closet decisions—not to mention how to make what you've got look its best. That's worth setting a Saturday alarm for.

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