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Battle Dry Skin with These 5 Decadent Body Butters

Winter is coming.

By Beth Levine October 12, 2017

What exactly is the difference between lotion and body butter, you ask? Here’s the short version: Lotions are similar to creams and typically formulated with a water base to keep them lightweight, while body butters typically substitute the water base for a mixture of oils, butter, and sometimes beeswax. The result is a silkier and richer feel upon application.

Body butters are thicker than body milks, body lotions, and even body creams, and with winter approaching—along with slightly cooler temperatures, we hope—here’s a roundup of some our favorite body butters on the market to keep your skin luxuriously moisturized during the drier months and smelling good enough to eat.

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Bliss Body Butter ($15)

Bliss Body Butter ($29)

This was the first body butter I fell in love with; I found it on a trip to Aspen years ago. While it is a little bit on the pricey side, you can usually find it on sale at almost 50 percent off at Nordstrom Rack and since it comes in a tube, it travels well. There are a few scents to choose from within the Bliss Body Butter line, but my favorite by far is the Vanilla & Bergamot.

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Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter ($15)

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter ($15)

I have been following this bright pink British brand since it first hit American stores a few years ago. Their packaging is simple and direct; the price points are low, making their products easy to try out. Their award-winning body butter can be found at Walgreens or Target and this little jar goes a long way, featuring a scent blend of bergamot, mandarin, rose, musk and amber. 

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Tree Hut Shea Body Butter (under $10)

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter (under $10)

I started using the Tree Hut Shea line with the Brazilian nut moisturizing body lotion. It smells good enough to eat and isn't overly greasy, plus a little goes along way. I recently upgraded to their Almond Honey Shea Body Butter. It has a wonderfully nutty smell and is super velvety upon application without leaving a film; you can even put jeans on right away if you need to.

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Burt’s Bee’s Honey & Shea Body Butter ($13)

Burt’s Bee’s Honey & Shea Body Butter ($13)

A longtime staple in quality and natural skincare (99 percent natural according to their website), Burt’s Bees has a great line of body moisturizers on the market and one exceptional body butter: their original Honey & Shea Body Butter. Formulated with honey and sweet almond oil in a shea base, this butter glides on easily and is gentle enough for even the most delicate of bodies.

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Hempz Coconut Fusion Shimmering Herbal Body Soufflé (under $20)

Hempz Coconut Fusion Shimmering Herbal Body Soufflé (under $20)

So, yeah—this one reads like a menu item instead of something to rub on your body. But seriously, this stuff is fantastic. Besides the fact that it smells delicious, the whipped texture means it goes on lighter than some of the other entries on the list. It also leaves behind a little shimmer, and there nothing wrong with that. 

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