Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

No White After Labor Day: Is It Still a Rule?

Who’s to say that the rule applies in the warm and humid weather of the South?

By Charnee Collier October 27, 2017

“Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?” seems to be a frequently-asked question around fall season. How did it come to be that such a simple color would be banished for a certain period of time each year? Depending on your age, you may or may not have heard about this old-fashioned fashion rule, but most women who grew up during the 1980s and '90s in the Southern parts of the United States will be more than familiar with the old adage.

But these days, people simply dress for the weather—wherever they are. So, while lighter colors and linen may leave you freezing in the cold weather up north, who’s to say that the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule applies to the warm and humid weather here in the South? In Houston, at least, white is a color that can be worn year-round.

So as fall officially arrives, a true fashionista wouldn’t dare say goodbye to her summer white pieces just to appease an ancient rule. With a little inspiration, anyone can fashion-forward in the fall while wearing white—and here are a few of our favorite ways to do just that:

1. Don't Say Goodbye to Your White Jeans


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White jeans can definitely be worn year-round. However, during the fall/winter, it's all about how you wear and pair them. Try white jeans with a simple fall/winter sweater, scarf, and boots and you'll still be in season. Blogger and fashionista Nina Schwichtenberg pairs her ripped white jeans and white button-down with a pink sweatshirt, lavender scarf, and combat boots as she transforms her spring and summer colors into a more autumnal look. 

2. Layer a Sweater Over Your Favorite White Dress


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Layering clothes is something that can easily go wrong—but when done right, it can totally transform an outfit. In most cases, when fall arrives, we say goodbye to all of our cute, white summer dresses. Thanks to the latest trend, you don't have to. Marie Jacobs, director of brand development at Stitchfix, layers a long white maxi dress with a long solid nude sweater and pairs it with a chic sneaker. Layering is an easy way to still rock your favorite summer dress, white or not.

3. When In Doubt, Add Leather

Leather screams fall and winter. You could wear leather with so many things and it will transform some of those summer pieces you can't seem to say goodbye to. Blogger Crystalin Marie pairs her white blouse and subtle nude skirt with a black leather jacket and boots. 

4. Add Nude, Ivory, or Cream


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We've all heard of the term "winter white." Winter white is anything between ivory and cream. The idea of wearing a white skirt or pants can be frightening. However, with a little ivory, cream, or nude sprinkled in, no one will second guess your outfit choice. Fashionista and public figure Olivia Palermo pairs her white skirt with a solid nude sweater. With this look, it completely has fall written on it and brings elegance in the most natural way. 

5. Add Boots


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With just the right boot or jacket, you could rock so many summer pieces, even that white dress you wore during the summer. Blogger Cara Loren pairs her very own white summer dress from her Cara Loren Shop Collection with a simple black ankle boot. I think adding a boot is the simplest way to style a summer look for fall. 

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