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These Entrepreneurial Siblings Keep It in the Family with Their New Haircare Line

Shiva and Kayvon Tavakoli are using century-old beauty rituals for their Joon products.

By Nandi Howard October 24, 2017

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“That’s what makeS Joon so relatable, it has a strong family story to it,” says Shiva Tavakoli, who created Houston-based Joon Haircare—Joon means “dear” or “life”—with her brother Kayvon. The two have just released their first product, Saffron Hair Elixir, which recently was featured as one of the Best Hair Oils of 2017 by Allure magazine.

The siblings were inspired to become entrepreneurs by their father, Frank Tavakoli, creator of local franchise TGF Hair Salon. They worked for him from a young age, learning not only how to run a successful business but different techniques for healthy haircare. They also spent summers in Tehran, Iran, watching their grandfather run his spice company and their grandmother use those spices in her cooking and beauty rituals. 

Frank Tavakoli who once owned 150 salons across town, also sells his own haircare line. “My dad opened up his own laboratory when he had about 40 salons so he could make his own products,” says Shiva. She and her brother manufacture their Saffron Hair Elixir in his lab, too, while importing the saffron from their grandfather’s company. “Entrepreneurship runs in my family,” says Shiva.

Although Saffron Hair Elixir works on all hair types, it was specifically created for people with medium hair textures, who have been traditionally underserved by the beauty industry. The light oil is good for detangling, moisturizing, and de-frizzing. Saffron strengthens hair, while pistachio helps it remain bouncy and smooth, and rose helps repair any damages like split ends. 

It's been a hit in the Persian community, says Shiva, and beyond. “I have been getting good feedback from women of all hair types telling me they love the hair oil,” she says.

The siblings are listening to their customers' needs as they plan future products, so keep an eye out, and for now, purchase their Saffron Hair Elixir at for $50.

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