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Wedding Dreams 2018: For the Boho Bride

Unusual textures and rich, deep colors are the newest trends for the bohemian boss.

By Jamie Smith October 19, 2017

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Open-back dresses and unusual fabrics like this cotton lace are popular with boho brides.

Whether you classify your style as timeless chic, sexy as hell, contemporary queen, or bohemian boss, Houstonia has you covered on all the latest wedding dresses and trends for a memorable, personalized celebration. In our new series, Wedding Dreams 2018, we encourage you to steal all of these ideas for your own wedding wish list.

Eclectic and non-traditional, the bohemian bride pulls together elements that reflect an easy happiness and a sense of humor. That means looking for unique dress textures and fabrics, unexpected wedding structures, seating areas reflecting the couples’ favorite movie or relationship milestone, and show-stopping footwear. Forget burlap and Mason jars—the boho bride’s look has evolved into a more ethereal aesthetic with an emphasis on cultural relevance. 

Unbridaled hehlgp

Inside the First Ward studios of Unbridaled 

Image: Jamie Smith

Bohemian brides, look no further than Unbridaled for your ultimate wedding dress needs. Step into the baby blue warehouse outfitted with soaring skylights in the newly created Sawyer Yards retail complex to meet the ultimate bridal shop to outfit brides craving that boho celestial look. Owner Kelsey Tuben anticipated Houston brides would be on the hunt for more traditional gowns, only to be surprised at her customers' eagerness for cutting-edge fashion, a desire for comfort, and an emphasis on ethically sourced labor in the making of their dress.

"We’re seeing a stunning mix of fabrics such as cotton lace and hammered silk with an architectural emphasis on construction," says Tuben of the unexpected qualities of these dresses that make them a natural pick for the boho bride. Long sleeves and appliqués have seen an uptick in sales at the store, as well. And when it comes to winter weddings, bridal gowns in navy and merlot have been flying off the racks.

Hammered silk ryanastadlerphotography21 te xh7rim

Textures like hammered silk and rich colors like navy and merlot are increasingly popular.

"Open-back dresses ... beg to be on display and have brides skipping veils, while studded belts have brought a new edge that contrasts with traditional concepts of femininity," says Tuben. "We’re lucky to have designers who truly capture the many facets of womanhood in bridal apparel today."

Unusual fabrics and colors aren't all that Unbridaled offers. You can also try on your gown in a luxurious dressing room that even a queen would envy. With ample seating for all your friends and family and an unrivaled customer service experience, the stunning setting will have you falling in love all over again—this time with your favorite new dress.

Don’t miss the final touches, with footwear that can range from sandals and ankle bracelets for your beach wedding to combat boots and flats customized by your favorite local artist. And especially in Texas, cowboy boots are always an option.

Photo from hnadbe

We love this Moonrise Kingdom-inspired seating area.

Try incorporating an important relationship milestone or a mutual favorite movie, hobby or artist into the décor. We adore this Moonrise Kingdom-inspired seating area for photo opps or simply as a special place for guests to gather. Smaller scale hanging décor is taking the place of large props in decor such as structural flower arrangements, graffiti backdrops, streamers, and lace laden embroidery hoops.  

So what about those unexpected wedding structures? Think outside the traditional venue box by hosting your event in an off-beat space like an unfinished retail space, warehouse or coffee shop. Connect with nature by hosting your wedding at a summer camp, a glamping campground, or ask to set up your wedding at a friend's deer lease or Hill Country home. Don’t have any friends with a lodge just waiting to be used? Check out AirBnB’s stunning rentals designed for events that can host a few to hundreds of people at a time (just don’t let everyone spend the night!).

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