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This Jewelry Company from a Houston Native Helps Support Female Entrepreneurs

Tribe + Glory empowers women in Uganda to live above the poverty line, all while equipping them to achieve their dreams.

By Charnee Collier November 13, 2017

Tribe   glory black product shot by jacob barrell gfzocg

Tribe + Glory Black Product.

Image: Jacob Barrell

There is nothing like a woman helping other women achieve their goals. And that's the aim of non-profit Tribe + Glory, a Uganda-based organization originally founded as a female empowerment program. Its goal? Helping female entrepreneurs achieve self- sustainability through friendship, relationships, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

Its founders, 22-year-old Caragh Bennet and 24-year-old Houston native Loren Thomas, developed Tribe + Glory as a means of teaching Ugandan women tangible skills—jewelry-making, in this case—and the basics of business. Once a woman enrolls in the Tribe + Glory program, she learns to make beautiful Ankole cattle horn products that range from bangles to earrings while earning a salary that she can then use as capital to launch her own business upon graduation. 

"It's amazing to see what this organization has done for the women in Uganda," says Thomas. "This organization is not about the jewelry, it's about employing and empowering women with the necessary skills to create for themselves a sustainable income above the poverty line, while equipping them to one day become business owners in which will give them the ability to help other women in need."

Cocktail tumblers, accent cuffs and more products skillfully crafted by these women are available for purchase online at tribeandglory.com, though you can also donate directly to Tribe + Glory and help Ugandan women like Fatuma, who wants to have her own clothing boutique; Sandra, who wants to open a beauty salon; and Jenipher, who wants to run her own cattle farm.

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