Everyone wanted to know exactly what was going on at the Galleria last Friday. Holiday shoppers slowed to ponder the hand-presses, grommet machines and spools of multi-colored laces assembled on the wooden counters of a pop-up kiosk. Behind it were free-standing walls lined with pristine, white Chuck Taylors–blank canvasses all.

It was day one of the "Chucks By You" experience, which runs through Christmas Eve and affords shoppers the "rare opportunity" to customize a pair of kicks, from grommet to aglet, all for free with a new pair of Converse.

Media–myself included–tried it out last week, and it did not disappoint. I am now the proud owner of a personalized pair of white low-tops with matte black grommets, gunmetal aglets and various patches–including a palm tree, the word "whatever" and a gold sequined monogram "A." (I neglect to act my age, not my shoe size, okay?)

Houstonia associate publisher Marianna Corcoran came along for the ride and opted for a chic, all-black pair of kicks, including hardware and laces. We chose our customizations from a board of options, handed over our virgin sneakers and watched as Converse shoe-masters behind the counter got to work, expertly wielding pliers to yank out boring, silver grommets (this made a great Instagram boomerang, we'd be remiss not to disclose) and threading pink, purple, green and blue laces at lightning speed.

The intrigue was enticing–"This is all for free?" one wandering shopper asked incredulously. "How long are you open?" Eventually, even two police officers sauntered over to survey the options.

While the pop-up's timing suggests it's designed to offer unique holiday gifts, I'll be keeping my Chucks, thank you very much. And if you like them, well–go make your own.

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