Source Vitál is One of Houston's Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

Handcrafted, small-batch skincare products are this company's forté.

By Brittanie Shey December 5, 2017

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Source Vitál's custom facial cocktails.

Want to take your skincare routine to the next level, but have no idea where to start? Been using the same Noxzema cleanser since high school? Or maybe you have an established routine and are looking to incorporate more natural products into your regimen?

Look no further than Source Vitál Apothecary, one of Houston's best-kept beauty secrets. The line, was once only available only for salon professionals, is now offered to everyday consumers.

Source Vitál was founded in 1989 by the owners of Sanctuary Spa, one of the first day spas in the country. At the time, esthetician Brea Gratia had difficultly finding all-natural facial products that met both her needs and her standards. Together with former husband Jerry Pope, she created an aromatherapy-inspired eye balm that ended up launching the couple's second company.

The eye balm, which is still one of the best-selling products, is made with 100 percent pure essential oils, whole plant botanicals and seaweed. All of Source Vitáls products are handcrafted in small batches at the company's Houston headquarters.

Gratia and Pope eventually ended up divorcing, and Sanctuary Spa and Source Vitál went their separate ways. When Pope died a few years ago, his nephew Paul Colgin took over. After enjoying decades of loyal patronage by salons across the country, Colgin decided to branch out and begin selling Source Vitál products to consumers, says Sophia Peon-Leyva, director of new business development.

A unique aspect of Source Vitál's products is that each item is 100 percent customizable to the consumer.  A good example is the brand's facial cocktail.

"You go get a facial and they use 15-plus products on you," Peon-Leyva says. "This cocktail combines multiple facial products in one, and it can be customized for individual needs."

Peon-Leyva says Source Vitál is extremely discerning with regard to ingredients — the company uses the highest-quality essential oils and avoids buzz words like "food-grade" or "medical-grade," which are more marketing terms than FDA-recognized phrases. In addition, most of Source Vitál's products incorporate seaweed, which has both anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.

For those looking to get started with more natural products, Source Vitál offers a Create Your Own Skin Care Routine guide on their website and also sells Getting Started kits.

You can also always reach out to the experts at Source Vitál, too.

"One thing we always do is if people are unsure or have questions, they can call us and we'll walk them through it," Peon-Leyva says.

You can find Source Vitál products at DEFINE Living and YogaOne Studios.

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