Jurassic Park Nerds: Soon, You Can Get Mini Versions of Your Favorite Characters

The star: sexy Jeff Glodblum.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux January 31, 2018

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this cinematic adventure, Funko is releasing adorable action figures of our favorite characters, conveniently available at Target.

Hold on to your butts, because phenomenon figurine purveyor Funko recently made a Tyrannosaurus Rex-sized announcement with their new line of “Pops.” In honor of the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking cinematic adventure Jurassic Park, Funko is releasing Pops of some of your favorite characters.

Nedry–with and without dilophosaurus saliva–and Dr. Alan Grant, hat and all, had fans immediately wondering: Where is the inimitable Dr. Ellie Sattler? The company has promised several times on Twitter that Ellie will be included in a Pop Ride set with one of the Jurassic Park Jeeps–but why reveal her separately? And will there be an Ellie Pop without the Jeep? Only time will tell.

Truthfully, the star of the current lineup isn’t Nedry, Alan, or even all the cute little dinosaurs. It’s the wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm figure, in all of his “sexy Jeff Goldblum” glory.

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Jeff Golbum's Dr. Ian Malcom is less sexy and more cute in its Funko interpretation, but we're here for it.

Ian Malcolm’s Renaissance-resembling pose made history in the 1993 film, and it’s only become more titillating in the age of the internet. The pose can be found GIF-ed to oblivion on Twitter and even appears on some fan’s bodies via tattoos. If you’re hesitant to go that all-in, you can now own a little piece of Malcolm yourself with this Target-exclusive figure. A proper celebration of the franchise’s anniversary (but also of the return of Jeff Goldblum’s character) is the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

It certainly looks like Funko wondered whether or not they could and decided that they absolutely should with this series of Pops, but this writer will be patiently awaiting the official Dr. Ellie Sattler announcement. Dinosaurs eat man, after all, and woman inherits the earth. We’re waiting.

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