The Traveling Black Dress: Jack Sparrow Edition

Time to take my little black dress out to sea!

By Beth Muecke February 19, 2018

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Whenever I think I am going to run out of ideas on how to style my little black dress, something new comes to mind. I was recently watching Pirates of the Caribbean and decided it was time to impress Jack Sparrow.

To start my Lady Captain look, I found this adorable open-front tunic with a petticoat flare and lace-up corset top. This medieval-looking piece translates straight into 2018 feminine fashion.

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Tunic, blouse, fascinator, and jewelry from Erotic Cabaret.

Image: Angie Fanelli

I then layered the perfect lace-and-ruffled blouse underneath my dress and added black suede pirate-style boots.

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Image: Angie Fanelli

You all know that I love to wear statement hair accessories, and this black pirate ship fascinator is the best! The old~fashioned cameo choker looks so cute peeking out from the ruffled collar.

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Image: Angie Fanelli

All hands on deck as Captain Bethie sails around town!

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Image: Angie Fanelli 

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