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What’s the Deal with Magnetic Lashes?

A new development in the quest for fuller lashes, available at a drugstore near you.

By Beth Levine February 27, 2018

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Are magnetic lashes the answer to this nightmare?

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Everyone loves a glamorous set of lashes. You know where to find your favorite pump-up-the-volume mascara and plenty of faux options, but you might not have heard about the latest trend in the quest for the fullest lash: magnetic lashes. 

What are they? We offer One Two Cosmetics’ “Original Lash” as Exhibit A. To be honest, we had to watch the instructional video to figure this out, and if you aren’t comfortable getting all up in your eye, this method is not for you. 

For the half-lash (aka the upper set), stick one side of the magnetic lash strip to the underside of your top lashes and the other side of the magnetic strip to the top side of the same lashes, and voila–your lash enhancements click together, attracted by the magnetic pull you’ve just created. 

Now, Ardell Professional has brought this buzzworthy trend to your local drugstore for $15–a fraction of the $65-plus range magnetic lashes regularly retail for. Here, your rundown of what’s currently on the magnetic market. 

One Two Cosmetics, starting at $69

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Regarded as the first and de facto leader in magnetic lashes, One Two offers the full-coverage original lash, full-coverage bold lash, full-coverage extra bold lash, and original, bold, and accent lashes. Some selections are for both sets of lashes while others are only for the top. One Two also sells a $20 wash to clean the magnetic sets. 

Love Lash at Urban Outfitters, $40

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Always quick to jump on a trend, Urban Outfitters sells a lower-priced version of magnetic lashes in two colors, zen and abundant, online only. While this set is only for upper lashes, it does come with a carrying case and white leather box­–very Holly Golightly.

Ardell Professional, $20 and under

Ardell broke into the drugstore market with magnetic lashes at the tail-end of 2017. With selections in double, accents, and double wispies for both upper and lower lashes, Ardell is a great way to get your feet—er, eyelashes—wet and test-drive this trend for yourself, since products are available at most drugstores and on Amazon for $20 or less. 

3 Second Lash, As-Seen-On-TV, $29.99

For those of you late-night infomercial junkies, these might be just the ticket.

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