What's In Her Bag?

Bag Check: Moriah Alise

The District Art Gallery director is also a Kylie Cosmetics fan.

By Abby Ledoux May 7, 2018

What are Houston's PYTs packing in their purses? That's a question Houstonia seeks to answer with this irregular series, ripped from the pages of tabloids of yore. Up next: Moriah Alise, director of District Art Gallery, which hosts a May 10 reception to celebrate the opening of its new exhibit, Femme: A Voyage Through Her Garden. 

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Image: Moriah Alise

A Beaumont native, Alise began her art career at 16. At the University of Houston, she pursued fashion and art public relations, and has worked in the design world in various capacities including for Stella McCartney and celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch. Alise has spent the last eight years dabbling in art instruction and creative direction, all the while continuing her own painting. Her current gallery, which specializes in modern contemporary art, puts a special emphasis on showcasing local work and bridging the gap between art and business.

Eventually, Alise hopes to have several galleries; in the meantime, she keyed us in on what's inside her cherry red Moschino bag.

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Image: Moriah Alise

  • Memo book (similar): My "Full of ideas" teal memo book helps me keep all of my crazy thoughts together. Theres something so romantic about writing down my ideas on the go. I like to keep my relationship with my thoughts tangible. I love the idea of being able to read them out of a book instead of from a phone. 
  • Glasses: I have Duane syndrome, which stops my left eye from going to the right; it also makes my vision really poor. I'm horrible at wearing these, but I keep them handy. 
  • Gucci card holder: My Gucci card case wallet is perfect for my small bag. I love it.
  • Viktor & Rolf perfumeMy .25-ounce Flowerbomb is perfect, not only because it's mine and my mom's favorite scent, but also because it's so compact and allows me to have a mini refresher on the go. 
  • Lip gloss: My Kylie Cosmetics shimmery gloss keeps my lips popping!
  • Sunglasses (similar): My older brother knows that I love a good pair of shades, so he sends me a pair at least once a year because, somehow, I lose every pair I get! 
  • Lotion: I keep Bath & Body Works "Stress Relief" lotion on-hand to find small moments out of the day to take care of myself. I'm not sure if it's a mind thing, but it seems to actually relieve a tiny bit of the stress.  
  • iPhone: If I didn't have it, I'd lose my mind. 
  • My cousin's car key: Every now and then we have forgetful moments–for me, it's shades; for my cousin, it's her keys. I'm always just a phone call away.
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