Houston shoppers consider the latest Rolex collection last month.

“It’s a statement watch. You walk into a room, and you’re able to earn the respect you deserve,” TJ Idowu states with certitude as he reflects on his personal Rolex collection. He was one luxury connoisseur in a sea of tailored suits and gleaming timepieces at the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch private unveiling of the newest pieces of the Oyster Collection.

Heralded as badges of status and distinction, Rolex watches have cultivated droves of adoring fans and collectors like Idowu. Lucky for Houstonians, the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch is the first and only stand-alone Rolex store in Texas and one of only a dozen in the country. Lodged on the first floor of the Galleria, the boutique has become a mecca for Rolex VIPs to get a first look at the watches of the year.

Discerning Houstonians don’t come to the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch to rub elbows with fellow shoppers; they come to deck out their wrists and try-on the “it” watches of the year. Unveiled at Baselworld 2018, the Oyster Collection’s Rolex GMT Master-II has been cited as the star of the Oyster Collection.

The GMT-Master II, aka the "Pepsi" Rolex

The new GMT-Master II, dubbed the “Pepsi” Rolex because of its blue and red 24-hour Cerachrom bezel, is a retro spin on a retired classic from decades prior that retails at $9,250. The watch has some shiny new updates including new movement, a ceramic bezel, and a five-link Jubilee bracelet. “Rolex always strives to make everything they do better,” says Phyllis Trogdon, Rolex Boutique general manager.

Two other versions of the GMT-Master II are on the hot list for 2018, Trogdon says. The brand introduced its 18-carat Everose gold, Rolex’s patented rose gold alloy, into the GMT Master II model for the first time. The first version is crafted entirely in Everose (retailing at $36,750), while the second Everose Rolesor watch combines Oystersteel and Everose gold (retailing at $14,050). Both new watches boast 24-hour rotatable bezels fitted with two-color Cerachrom inserts in a black and brown ceramic, and Oyster bracelets. And because Rolex fans love a good soda moniker, the black and brown color combination has been titled the “root beer bezel.”

From Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian, women in Hollywood have adopted big and bold watches. The 40mm GMT-Master II in Everose has notably attracted attention from female customers. Trogdon says, “women love to wear it and make a statement.”  

The GMT-Master II in Everose

The GMT-Master II’s “nice yet rugged” utility is the feature that stands out to enthusiast Scott Schafer, who's been collecting Rolex watches since the '80s. The Oyster case is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, and the crystal is made of virtually scratch-proof sapphire to provide optimum protection for the GMT-Master II’s high-precision movement. “This one has been mountain biking, skiing, and everything else. It will last forever, or until I’m fickle and decide to get something different,” Schafer says, gesturing at the shining Rolex watch fastened to his wrist. 

While the Oyster collection is flying off the shelves, there is a waiting list for the coveted GMT-Master II watches that prospective shoppers here can join. Visit the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch at the Galleria to see the new releases up close and get a personal experience with one of the boutique’s experts.

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