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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

There's more to it than sunscreen.

By Nandi Howard June 5, 2018

Summer may not officially start until June 21, but this Houston heat sure makes it feel like it’s been here for weeks. Somehow, even hotter temperatures and stronger sun rays will soon be upon us, and while having a summer wardrobe is key to surviving Houston summers, maintaining your skin is equally important. The sun is indeed a necessity, but too much UV exposure without proper skin maintenance can result in sunburn and can escalate to more severe conditions. Here are some simple tips to get your skin ready to take on the heat.

Apply sunscreen daily

Sunscreen is not just for the beach or outdoor activities–it should be used in your daily beauty routine. Even if you're only outside for a short time, your skin is still at risk any time the sun is out, no matter the temperature.

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Hydrate your skin

It's imperative to refresh your skin, especially during the summer months. A nighttime hydrating mask a few times a week should do the trick, and a face mist and toner should be used on a regular basis throughout the day.

Try: Glow Formula Skin Hydrator, $38, Kiehl's; Saturday Skin Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist, $34, Sephora


Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells and dirt that may have seeped in your skin thanks to that summer sweat. Include exfoliation into your daily routine for cleaner skin and your makeup will last longer, too.

Try: Sugar Face Polish, $62, Fresh

Don’t forget your lips

Our lips are often neglected when it comes to skin health, but it's important to focus here, too, with exfoliation and extra hydration. You can also protect your lips with special balms that include SPF.

Try: Mint Fusion Lip Balm, $9.50, Supergoop

Drink water

When the summer drinks are flowing, make sure water is as well. Staying hydrated works from the inside out and your body will thank you for increasing your water intake in the heat.

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