THIS SUNDAY MARKED the 20th anniversary of one of the most beloved films in the canon of late '90s classics: The Parent Trap. Thanks to the Nancy Meyers reboot of the 1961 original, we spent the tail-end of the 20th century teaching ourselves that handshake, wishing for a long-lost twin, and working up the courage to pierce our own ears—or at least dunk an Oreo in peanut butter.

The film that gave us Lindsay Lohan also served as our official introduction to Nat King Cole, the Napa Valley wine region, and the power of a powder blue suit. Back then, we despised Meredith Blake, coveted a Chinese silk dress of our own, and wondered if we should take up poker or fencing.

It has to be said: 20 years later, we recognize Meredith Blake for what she is—a supernaturally hot, insanely successful 26-year-old (!) who landed a DILF and endured brutal, potentially life-threatening pranks on a camping trip from hell. We still want the Chinese silk dress. And maybe a British accent.

Our memories of The Parent Trap are still vivid in our minds, whether we watched every weekend at our grandma's house or from a sleeping bag on the floor of our best friend's living room, falling asleep beneath the hypnotic glow of the TV to the sounds of "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)."

What's more, the film's fashion truly stands the test of time, as proven by the favorite looks we reimagined them for today. We envision them worn by a grown-up Annie, strutting down the streets of London, or Hallie, who's taken over Nick Parker's winery and is still partial to the soft California grape.

Note: Click the titles of each look to see the still that inspired us.

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