A Houston Designer Ventures Into Couture Custom Bridal

With L'Atelier Wedding, Danny Nguyen wants to bring women's dreams to life.

By Julia Davila September 4, 2018

One of Houston's few couture designers, Danny Nguyen, has launched the bridal line L’Atelier Wedding. The brand will include options not only for the bride-to-be but also for the mother of the bride, groom, and wedding party.

“Every little girl always dreams of their perfect wedding and perfect wedding dress,” Danny Nguyen said. “L'Atelier Wedding [brings that dream] to life. From picking their own base fabric to lace to beading and buttons, it’s all custom, just for them.” 

L’Atelier Wedding also offers wedding accessories from brand partners in Los Angeles, New York, and Europe.

Nguyen believes a bride shouldn’t have to pay an extravagant amount for a wedding dress.

“We want the bride to be comfortable with pricing and [have] peace of mind,” he said.

Houstonia caught up with Nguyen to learn about his new venture in designing custom, handmade couture wedding gowns. 

What made you want to venture into bridal?

I feel like a wedding dress is the ideal and dream dress in a woman’s lifetime, and I want to bring them to life.

Do you design gowns for all types of weddings and cultures?

Yes, we design all types of wedding dresses for every culture. We believe the wedding day is a tradition in every culture, so we want to keep the tradition alive. 

What is the difference between a couture wedding gown and a standard wedding gown?

A couture wedding gown is made to measure. It will [fit her and only her]. Everything is handmade in-house. 

How long does that take? 

On average, three to four months.

Do you offer other options besides custom gowns?

We offer already made gowns on the rack, but our specialty is turning that dress into what she has been dreaming of. That could include alterations, tailoring and bead work.

Do you follow current trends when designing?

Of course. We always keep current trends in mind but are also aware of the client, what they want, and what works with their body and style.

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