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This Brand Mixes Latina Culture with Emo Fashion for All the Mijas of the World

Mija Cultura is what happens when your undying love for Selena rivals your high school adoration for My Chemical Romance.

By Samantha Chavarria September 27, 2018

Was your biggest high school dilemma trying to properly coordinate all the shades of black present in your wardrobe? Do you have as much of a soft spot for My Chemical Romance as you do for Selena? If so, chances are you're a mija, and your hermanas at Mija Cultura are making fashion to suit your vibe.

Launched by three Houston Latinas—Karla Dominguez, Joann Alvarez, and Nicole Dominguez—the clothing line is inspired by their high school emo phase and H-Town’s local music scene.

What started as a regular gig as merch girls for local band Camera Cult during "Emo Nights" quickly evolved into a business plan. Dubbed “Las Mijas” by local club-goers, the friends decided to turn the compliments they received from their own fierce club looks into fashion for Houston’s hippest. 

When it comes to running an apparel business, the Mijas are completely self-taught; they designed their first line of shirts and accessories with graphic designer Julio Dominguez. The goods were a hit with customers, whether they were part of la raza or not.

Thanks to their instantly relatable slogans and images, the Mijas found early clients in the same cool clubs where they first acted as merch girls. In March 2017, they recognized their potential expanded beyond Houston and launched their e-commerce site to sell their boujetto streetwear to the masses.

Just in time for sweater weather, Mija Cultura is now taking preorders for their latest collection: the Sad Mija Club, streetwear that will have you all up in your feels thanks to tearful anime eyes and the brand's signature baby pink color scheme.

Mija Cultura has a surprise collab in the works, too. They've joined forces with Latinx advocate Paola Ramos— daughter of renowned journalist Jorge Ramos—and 4THLRGST Graphic Design to launch a new project called We the Gente.

Aimed at young adults in the 18-28 voting bloc, We the Gente wants to get millennials to the polls in the upcoming 2018 midterms and beyond. To get the message out, Mija Cultura has lent their signature style to the non-profit, designing shirts for the project as a means of raising resources and spreading the word.

Just like the Sad Mijas Club collection, you can pre-order your We the Gente gear now and have the perfect look ready to hit the club, pay homage to your inner emo, or—best of all—go vote.

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