Santa, Can You Hear Us?

What Does Houstonia Want for Christmas This Year?

9 things our staff hopes to unwrap next Tuesday morning.

By Abby Ledoux December 19, 2018

Dear Santa, Mom, Dad, life partner, best friend, or anonymous benefactor,

If you're reading this, it's not too late. There are six more days 'til Christmas. And, well, since you asked...

Image: Google Earth

1802 Harvard St.

$2.3 million, RE/MAX
“The Mansfield House is for saaaaleee—been watching the listing for a while now.” —Amy Kinkead, associate art director

Narina Rug

$69-$998, Anthropologie
“I feel that my current rug situation is still a little collegiate. In the new year, I’m looking to graduate from those lingering college girl furnishings and truly become one with Joanna Gaines. This rug’s traditional pattern feels grown up to me, but the blue hues allow it to hang on to a hint of a youthfulness. I am still in my 20s, after all. Plus, who doesn’t love some Anthro goodness?” —Laura Furr Mericas, custom publications editor

Courtside Rockets Tickets

A lot, Toyota Center
“I love my dad, who bought me Rockets tickets for Christmas. They’re playing the Lakers that night, which means LeBron, but it’s also way up in the 400 level. That’s fine, honestly. Again, I love my dad. But I’ve always wanted one thing—for Christmas, forever—and that’s courtside seats. Just once (how’s about March 8 against the 76ers?) I’d love to be That Guy pumping his fist on a regional sports network, losing his beer as it sprays some poor second-row plebeian, and then being gently escorted out of the game for being ‘too much of a distraction.’ And if that were to happen on March 8 against the 76ers, oh, I’m going to be ‘too much of a distraction.’ Someone get me these tickets so I can go viral. For all of us.

I'll be those guys [below], but in Houston. Please let me be those guys." —Timothy Malcolm, dining editor

The Modern Snap Backpack

$80, Everlane
“I am unabashedly a huge Everlane fan—don’t ask me how many shirts I’ve bought from them this year. Apparently my love of their simple, timeless, well-made products extends to their bags, too! Lately I’ve been thinking about replacing the large messenger bag I use for work with a smaller backpack-type bag, and this seems like the perfect fit for what I need. Plus, it’s pretty.” —Nicki Koetting, digital editor

Dreamy Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner

$22, The Honest Company
“This is random, but I put Honest-brand shampoo and conditioner on my wish list. I had never thought about it either way except to be mildly annoyed that Jessica Alba is both a gorgeous movie star and a gazillionaire thanks to her line of ‘non-toxic’ products. But recently I stayed at a friend’s house in Austin and used her Honest shampoo in ‘dreamy lavender,’ and I loved it. Afterward my hair was so light and silky and shiny and smooth—it felt like a gazillion bucks! At about $22, it isn’t crazy-expensive, and I could have just bought it for myself. But I find it’s harder and harder to come up with anything at all that I actually want these days. A first-world problem, to be sure.” —Cathy Matusow, editor-in-chief

Sleeper Sectional

$2,800, Joybird
"As you can see, we're asking for a new sofa this Christmas. The dog is the culprit, but we're keeping him anyway." —Monica Fuentes, art director


$32, Amazon
“Life is exhausting and empty and terrible, even if it mostly feels like nothing at all—which, if you ask me, makes a pixel pet a restorative exercise in control. The thing has three buttons that determine whether or not your monster lives, plus the egg—the rare object still designed to dangle from a Jansport backpack—both beeps and is slathered in glitter. Also consider the potential life advice; to paraphrase RuPaul: If you can’t love your tamagotchi, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” —Morgan Kinney, associate editor

Chef’s Knives

$350–$1,500, Serenity
“I’ve been told that receiving a knife as a gift is bad luck, but a quality chef’s knife from the local bladesmiths at Serenity is basically all I want for Christmas. I’ve been eyeing these hand-crafted beauties online, and I think I might be in love with the $1,500 chef’s knife with a drop-away handle, primarily because it is called the Gigantor, which is also what I call my grandmother’s old cast-iron skillet and pretty much anything that’s large and mighty. I’d equally settle on the $350 Light Rocker, Santee Claus, if you’re listening. Also, if you could pick up a whole pasture-raised chicken from Whole Foods on the way down the chimney, bro, that’d be great.”  —Gwendolyn Knapp, associate editor

22K Gold Grill Cap

$350, Johnny Dang
"Confession: I've wanted grillz since I moved to Houston, and a set by the grillmaster, TV Johnny, is truly the pinnacle of the dental accoutrements. But I'm also not delusional—I may push the limit, but I do know what I can and cannot pull off, and the "whole top diamond and the bottom row gold" would definitely fall under the latter category. But I'm pretty sure I can get away with one single gold tooth, and a 22-karat cap would bling out my boring mouth just enough to turn heads without raising eyebrows. (Okay, it would probably raise some eyebrows, like my mom's.) Unlike Dang's full ice trays, which can go for more than $10,000, an individual gold cap is also at a reasonable price point. I really want to up my cool factor in the new year, so please, Johnny, send me a mold kit." —Abby Ledoux, lifestyle editor

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