Mall Madness

5 New Stores That Might Convince You to Drive to the Galleria

Will you brave the parking garage for a Lush bath bomb?

By Abby Ledoux April 17, 2019

Who said malls are dead? Not our Galleria. That shopping center—sorry, "new downtown," per developer Gerald Hines's prediction the year before it opened—is thriving. For proof, look no further than the influx of new stores joining the retail ranks this year: five in total, including four exclusive (in Houston) to the Galleria.

Scotch & Soda

What: A Dutch clothier with designs for women, men, and children and pieces inspired by globe-trotting. Collections are full of eclectic patterns and bright colors, and everything begins at the canal-side Amsterdam design studio, a former church. This marks the brand's first brick-and-mortar in Houston and second in Texas.
Where: Level 1, near Galleria Financial Center
When: Spring 2019 (expected end of April)


What: This is the first Texas store for the bridal company that began as a family enterprise in Barcelona in 1922. The brand was founded on lace, embroidery, and high-quality silk fabrics demanded by high-society Catalonia brides; the founding family still manages the company's (global) operations today. Expect bridal gowns and accessories plus cocktail and party dresses.
Where: Level 2, near Saks Fifth Avenue
When: Summer 2019


What: You know and love the handmade cosmetics company for its bath bombs, probably—in fact, Lush pioneered the fizzers 30 years ago. All of the sweet-smelling luxury skincare, haircare, and bath and body products are made from fresh, organic produce, essential oils, and with little or no preservatives. 
Where: Level 2, near Galleria Financial Tower
When: Fall 2019


What: Premium denim is the bread and butter for this L.A. brand—celebs frequently rep the beloved jeans. Over the years, it's evolved into a full-blown fashion house with shoes, well-made basics, and seasonal staples for both women and men.
Where: Level 1, near Saks Fifth Avenue
When: Open now

Samsung Experience Store

What: Battle lines have been drawn, and the new Samsung Experience Store—which offers just that—is the base camp for this side of the Android vs. iPhone war. This is the place for trying out the latest technology, in-person demos, and phone repair walk-ins, among other things.
Where: Level 1, near Galleria Financial Center
When: Open now

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