Legions of us treasure our expeditions to the shopping and cultural mecca that is Target. But, as satisfying as a Tar-jay trip can be, it's also not uncommon to flee the superstore with a far lengthier receipt than one had anticipated receiving after browsing the Narnia-like aisles and accumulating enough items in their basket cart to feed, clothe, and contour a small army.

As such, the rise of the Target Beauty Box is a welcome one. Unlike the more commonplace subscription boxes that require a monthly payment (often $20 or more), Target’s boxes are available at-will, with prices usually around $7 a pop. And, as if pet owners need more opportunities to spoil their darlings, the store also offers topical treat boxes for cats and dogs, too. (You’re welcome, Fido.)

With monthly, seasonal, and holiday-inspired options at varying prices, Target displays what you’ll receive within the assorted parcels before you check out—no dashed expectations or disappointment upon unboxing your haul.

Though products are advertised as sample-sized (like the skincare box, which includes a miniature version of Pixi’s rose tonic), there will often be one or two of standard proportion—a face mask or lotion, say—making Target’s selections excellent gifts for yourself or someone else.

Here’s what you’ll find in the popular naturals pack:

  • The Good Stuff Repair BalmPlant-based detanglers leave locks soft and smooth, while lightweight micro-silicones shield hair from daily damage, repairing strands with every use.
  • Schmidt’s Cedarwood+Juniper Bar Soap: Natural plant- and mineral-derived ingredients help neutralize odor, while woodsy cedarwood and juniper keep you smelling fresh all day long.
  • Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter Mask Sachet: Brazilian murumuru and ethically sourced rose deliver a deep treatment that helps visibly recharge color-treated hair with a boost of vibrancy and shine.

So, now's your chance: Suppress your desire to haunt the sacred paths of the personal care department every. Single. Weekend—and save yourself some cash, too. Both your wallet and your overflowing medicine cabinet will no doubt appreciate the gesture.

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