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One-of-a-Kind Finds Abound at Faded Decade, Downtown's Latest Vintage Shop

The store hosts a pop-up market with other local vendors this Sunday, September 29.

By Anita Gomez September 26, 2019

Faded Decade is downtown's newest vintage and streetwear shop.

Image: Anita Gomez

Trends come and go...and come and go and come again. Thankfully, we have vintage shops for that, and now Houston has a new one in Faded Decade. The vintage and streetwear shop opened downtown about a month ago next door to Studio 713, the fabled recording studio where Travis Scott has made hits like "Butterfly Effect" and "Yosemite."

Carlos A. Cavazos, aka OneLoveLos.

Image: Anita Gomez

Faded Decade is chock-full of one-of-a-kind vintage finds and even its own streetwear brand (also called Faded Decade). Carlos A. Cavazos—aka OneLoveLos—is behind those vintage items, and he also produces regular events with other local businesses through his venture called Pop-Up Market Houston. "I wanted to start my own market from the ground up and show love to vendors," Cavazos says. His latest will go down this Sunday at Faded, but more on that later.

The "OneLoveLos" nickname, Cavazos says, represents "universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color." Those vibes continue inside Faded Decade, where it's not difficult to find something for just about anyone—regardless of age, size, or style.

"We specialize in Houston things," OneLoveLos says.

Image: Anita Gomez

When we visited the shop, we were immediately struck by authentic designer handbags—Louis, Gucci, et al—hanging from bright yellow chains on the wall. Shortly after, we noticed a collectible Justin Timberlake doll for $25—the marionette version from peak *NSYNC days—that sent us straight back to singing along with "Bye, Bye, Bye" seemingly every day on TRL after school.

We also noticed a VHS copy of the '90s classic Space Jam, some coveted Astroworld Festival merch (one shirt goes for $150), and throwback Olajuwon jerseys ($90), all in one place. "We specialize in Houston things," Cavazos says.

Image: Anita Gomez

Compared to other vintage shops, this one is neat—it's easy to look through the inventory and find something you like. A tour from Cavazos revealed more rare treasures, like a neon children's raincoat with Gizmo from '80s cult classic Gremlins on the back. Cavazos shows us the "real deal holy feel" beige monogrammed Gucci pants ($600), one of his favorite pieces in the store, plus old-school band tees, classic Jordans, vinyl records, designer accessories, throwback hats, and more rare finds.

Cavazos's passion for vintage springs from "my love for the '80s and '90s nostalgia that we all grow up knowing," he says. "The stuff we weren't able to have as kids, or the stuff our parents couldn't afford—I'm now able to bring this back to the community and give people a chance to feel like a kid again."

Vintage sportswear is a Faded staple.

Image: Anita Gomez

Shoppers can see all that and more from other local vendors when Faded Decade hosts Cavazos's next pop-up this Sunday from 1–8 p.m., and for the first hour, the entire store will be 20 percent off. Houston nightlife ambassador Paul Whisky with special guest, local hip-hop artist ESG, will host the free market, with beats by DJ Jchock, free beer, giveaways, raffles, live art, and plenty of options for foodies, from Los Primos fajita dogs to Papi's vegan cuisine. Anyone is welcome—your kids, your pets, even your grandma.

Faded Decade, 1310 Nance St. Unit G.

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