Simone Biles is Candid's first-ever brand ambassador.

The world's greatest gymnast grew up right here in Spring—this we know. Simone Biles, the four-time gold medalist, is the most decorated gymnast in America—we know this, too. And now, we also know that she loves lashes, winged eyeliner, and a good face mask.

The clear aligner (read: invisible braces) purveyor Candid named Biles its first-ever brand ambassador, recently announcing it was "teaming up with Simone to champion accessible oral healthcare for all" with a multi-year contract born out of a shared support for Smile Train, the non-profit that provides corrective surgery for children with cleft palates.

In a promotional sit-down, the brand asked Biles to get candid (get it?) about her beauty routine, performance rituals, and how she practices self-care. 

On her performance beauty routine:

"I listen to music, put on makeup, do my hair, and brush my teeth. It's nothing crazy; it's pretty simple, and I'm not superstitious."

On her at-home beauty routine:

"Every once in a while I'll do a face mask or lip mask, and I love to take baths."

On her favorite makeup products:

"Right now I'm really into lashes, and I love a good eyeliner wing."

On taking care of herself mentally:

"I go to therapy and I surround myself with people who I love that give me good, positive vibes."

On her triple double:

"It hasn't been named 'the Biles' yet, but hopefully in October I'll have it named after me! I don't really focus on creating new skills—it sort of just happens—but if I get a third one named after me, that would be pretty cool."

On the perception of women's sports:

"I feel like women's sports dominate more than men's, and we don't always get the credit. But it's coming."

Advice for the young girls who look up to her:

"Be yourself, don't let anyone try to conform you to today's views, and have fun."

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