With Halloween falling mid-week this year, no one really knew which weekend to celebrate—the 26th-27th felt far away, but the 2nd-3rd was another whole month entirely. If you were Kim Kardashian, you just dressed up everyday for what feels like the last two weeks. (We all agree that Kanye definitely wasn't inside any of those full-body costumes, right?)

There's no right answer to the Halloweekend question, but there were plenty of A+ costumes on both. We rounded up a few of our favorites from the internet that felt especially "Houston."

These Megan Thee Stallion impersonators who really had us fooled—especially the first one.

These Lizzo lookalikes who really went all in, woodwinds and sparkly pants and all.

Andre Johnson's daughter, Kylie, who literally slayed whilst reviving Beychella.

Adam Rippon as Lizzo's flute, Sasha Fierce...enough said.

Katie Couric as disgraced Theranos CEO and St. John's alum Elizabeth Holmes, who we're assuming took our advice for her costume.

And finally, this very good boy, Captain Waffles, whose costume was—it has to be said—out of this world.

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