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Meet the App That Wants to Be the Uber of Beauty Services

Houstonian Joy Hutton's on the go GLAM will bring the salon to you, on demand.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux December 10, 2019

Local entrepreneur Joy Hutton

As we have officially progressed beyond the events of the Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner (farewell, November of 2019), we enter the final days of the year with less than half of the cool technology utilized by Harrison Ford and Sean Young—our kingdom for the flying cars, replicant robots, and insanely quick oversized hair dryers we were promised.

Consumers have been gifted, however, with the rise of the expedient gig economy, which includes popular and oh-so-convenient services like ride-sharing, dog-walking, and meal delivery. Joy Hutton, a local entrepreneur and chief consultant for Joy of Consulting, has found her niche in the world of on-demand services—and it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

With Hutton's app, called on the go GLAM, no matter where or when you’re in need of a makeover, you’ll be able to hire the very best for the job in a blink of an expertly lined cat eye. In a video on the app’s iFundWomen page, Hutton describes a past trip to Los Angeles where she found herself without a stylist for an event—an experience that inspired the concept for her latest venture. “We live in a day and age where we are trying to buy ourselves more time,” she said. “Convenience is definitely worth the up-charge, and this is why on the go GLAM was born.”

on the go GLAM is beauty on-demand.

The app will allow users to find and hire stylists and technicians for their hair, makeup, and nails, with options to meet the professionals at their place of work or to schedule home services. “We will also work with salons to fill empty seats to accommodate walk-in appointments, do retail pop-ups, as well as work with corporations to offer these services to their employees,” Hutton tells Houstonia. You’ll even be able to make payments for services directly from the app. As Hutton says in the campaign video: “Talk about reclaiming your time.”

As a business, on the go GLAM caters not only to clients on the move but to those who have trouble making time for themselves outside of the home. “In talking to potential customers about my app, this is also something that busy moms can use because they cannot always take time away to go to a salon,” Hutton says. “We have also been asked about servicing the disabled and elderly who experience difficulty with leaving their home for salon appointments.”

And next on the agenda? Partnering with providers to include men’s services on their menu, because dudes deserve self-care, too.

If this sounds like your ideal salon experience, there’s still time left to pledge toward the app’s iFundWomen goal. As of this posting, it had raised almost $5,000 from 53 backers. “I chose iFundWomen as my platform because it is specifically women-focused and their model allows you to keep what you raise—but at a cost,” Hutton says. “You have to be visible, you have to constantly post. It is essentially a hustle, like raising money for a nonprofit.”

Hutton has harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to work toward a bright future for her small business. “Despite what I've considered pitfalls, I have kept the campaign open and have continued to push,” she says. “I'm taking the lessons and being transparent about my journey with others. I'm extremely grateful for those who have supported me by sharing and contributing. Every action goes a long way.”

Hutton originally hoped to launch on the go GLAM this month, but with a few updates it's now expected to go live by the end of the first quarter of 2020. “Fingers crossed we have a beta test version available for consumers before the end of 2019,” Hutton added. “Technology is ever-changing!”

So, technology gods allowing, you’ll soon be able to manage your glam sessions at your fingertip through this clever app, all while supporting a local businesswoman on a mission to help everyone feel as fresh, polished, and confident as possible. Maybe the future is here, after all.

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