Tecovas Is Here to Disrupt the Cowboy Boot Market

Because cowboy boots aren’t just for rodeo season.

By Gabi De la Rosa December 6, 2019

Austin-based Tecovas opened its Houston flagship in Rice Village on Black Friday.

Houston shoe lovers, rejoice: There's a new boot store in town. Texas-based Tecovas set out to disrupt the typical cowboy boot market with their classic handmade boots. Not only are they so stylish and modern (hello there, Lucy) that you’ll want to wear them every day, but they come at a lower price point than traditional cowboy boots. Tecovas entered the market in 2017 as an online-only retailer, but after seeing a lot of success, the brand opened brick-and-mortar stores across Texas and Oklahoma. 

Tecovas founder Paul Hedrick

Houston is the lucky recipient of Tecovas' fifth location, which opened in Rice Village just in time for holiday shopping. The new 3,500-square-foot flagship employs a modern cowboy vibe and offers both complimentary boot shines and leather embossing.

We sat down with founder Paul Hedrick to talk Tecovas, his inspiration, and what comes next for the brand. 

Why did you decide to jump into the cowboy boot arena, which already has so many established brands?

I had spent a pretty penny rewarding myself with a new pair of ostrich boots after my first year in my finance job in New York and wanted to start buying boots regularly again (I had worn boots a lot as a kid growing up in Texas). I discovered that the shopping and brand options at the time were not ideal—high-quality, timeless boots were overpriced, and popular boots seemed ‘over-styled.’ The shopping experience was offline-only, overly complicated, and only available in boot-friendly towns in the South. I realized that a direct-sales, online-first brand that designed beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality boots could solve all of those problems. I was 26 and figured ‘there’s no time like the present,’ so I took the leap and moved back home to Texas! 

Tecovas' Rice Village store

How does Tecovas keep the price point of its boots affordable with handmade workmanship?

Each of our products is sold directly to our customers, so we’re able to price everything at about one-third of the typical price of traditional Western-wear.  

Do you think primarily selling directly to customers has enhanced Tecovas’ success?

Selling direct has many advantages, specifically around customer experience and data. It means that every interaction with our factory and suppliers is happening directly with us—the same team that designs, makes, and sells our product—so our production process and everything on the back-end is as streamlined and efficient as possible. Additionally, selling direct means we interact directly with our customers, so we can understand their purchasing behaviors, which allows us to make well-informed decisions quickly around product styles and merchandising strategy.

Other than Texas, in what other parts of the country has Tecovas seen success?

We have customers from across the U.S., and our goal is to introduce the Tecovas experience to as many people that want to be a part of it—without sacrificing any part of the experience. Anyone can truly be part of the Tecovas family—men and women, young and old, urban and rural. We have specifically designed all of our products to be timeless and universally appealing to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Tecovas' Rice Village store

Where does Tecovas source its materials?

All of our leather used in our boots and accessories is sourced and tanned in León, Mexico.

After finding so much success with boots, will Tecovas start making other products?

We’re always looking to expand our product lines and categories to meet the wants and needs of our customers, but boots are at the core of what we do.

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