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The End-of-Season Sales We're Loving Right Now

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By Paola Kustra January 27, 2020

Forget how much holiday shopping you did last month or whether you really need a new outfit: It's just plain impossible to ignore the fact that, as brands start to receive new seasonal looks, prices are plummeting by 50 percent or more.

But if you're getting enough daily deals emails to send you running for the hills (or smash the 'delete' button), have no fear. Start here with our top picks on what (where) to shop at the end of the season—you might just save a ton on chic pieces you can actually wear year-round in H-Town.


Long gone are the early days of this fast-fashion brand that struggled with confection issues once upon a time. Nowadays, it’s hard to leave the store empty-handed thanks to on-point styling consistent with Fashion Week trends, plus significantly increased clothing quality. 

What we're loving: organza blouses (sale: $12.99) with or without puff sleeves to add a feminine touch to any outfit—pair with jeans or faux leather pants. Speaking of faux leather, Zara's winter collection awed us with its wide range of styles from faux leather cargo (sale: $19.99) to joggers to high-waisted pants. Don't be discouraged if you don’t see your size online—take a peek in the Galleria store next time you're walking by, or call in advance to check what's in stock.


This British brand has been a staple among the monarchy for years, known for printed blouses, silks, dresses, and coats—as seen on Meghan Markle.

What we're loving: non-traditional pieces to switch it up a bit, like pleated culottes (sale: $110)—which come in charcoal or multi—that make a great alternative to the pleated skirt when you grow fatigued with its never-ending season. Wear them with tall boots or high heels for instant gratification. An asymmetric satin skirt (sale: $135) in gold (it’s actually an off-white) is our next pick from the brand, which we'd pair with a white top and white boots for winter-white perfection. You can dress it up or down (with a T-shirt and sneaks), and the color can take you straight through to the year’s hottest months.

In the dress section, we're falling for the Annabelle printed mini dress (sale: $175) because, one, we're still in love with florals (and don't see an end to this love affair coming anytime soon), and two, for its versatility. Wear it with black heels or boots, depending on the occasion, and throw on a jacket or even a sweater—silk and cashmere are a match made in fashion heaven. 


Walking into this shop—which conveniently has a River Oaks District location—is like walking into a department store where your personal shopper awaits with a full fitting room of wardrobe choices. In summary, we do less walking here, a professional shopper already hand-picked all the featured items, and there are often serious markdowns.

What we're loving: an RTA silver shimmer dress (sale: $199; shown above in gold) ideal for a special event and this Fleur du Mal lace-trimmed silk top (sale: $109) in animal print—we've all figured out by now that this trend is never going out of style, right?—that we'd pair with Brochu Walker hammered satin pants (sale: $139) and a great pair of heels. The result? Watch out for the new cool kid on the block.

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