Love in the Time of Corona

6 Ways to Propose While Still Social Distancing

Love isn’t canceled.

By Catherine Wendlandt April 30, 2020

If your relationship can make it through the quarantine, then you should put a ring on it.

Seriously, over the past two months, couples have been literally (read: physically) closer than ever as social distancing has become the name of the game. And while some are predicting that this will lead to more breakups and divorces, we at Houstonia like to believe in love.

We spoke with Tracey Lyles, social media director for jewelry store chain Robbins Brothers, which has two locations in Houston-area, about the best ways you can propose to your true love while social distancing at home. After all, who better to give advice about engagements than an engagement ring store?

“You may have to resort to a Plan B or C, but it’s possible, and it doesn’t take away from the symbolism of what your marriage proposal stands for,” Lyles says. Just be sure to do a proposal that exemplifies your relationship.

For the Classic Couple

Get out of those sweatpants, and get dressed up for an at-home date night. This proposal is tried-and-true. Nothing says romance like a fancy, home-cooked meal. Of course, if you’re liable to burn dinner or poison your S.O. with your cooking skills, you can always order a meal kit from a local steakhouse like B&B Butchers. Light some candles, play some mood music, and “when you get down to the dessert, that can be when you pop the question,” Lyles suggests. Ain’t nothing more classic than that.

For the Netflix and Chill Couple

Everyone is watching movies right now. Pop in your favorite romantic movie, and pop the question, Lyles says. “During one of those scenes where it makes the most sense, pause the movie and do your thing.” This might be a dangerous move if your boo is a serious movie buff and doesn’t like interruptions, but we think this idea has legs. Sure, watching The Proposal might be a little on the nose, but who doesn’t swoon when Ryan Reynolds seemingly runs from Alaska to New York to propose to Sandra Bullock? Piggyback off that energy.

For the Cutesy Couple

What’s sweeter than a backyard picnic? Embrace the fresh air, pick up some charcuterie essentials from H-E-B, spread out a blanket, and pop the champagne. Admittedly, this one might be a little difficult for apartment dwellers, but hang out on your patio, or maybe just open a window.

For the Gen Z Couple (Are y’all even old enough to get married?)

Are you and your S.O. bored out of your minds while stuck at home? “You can totally take advantage of your resources online and what’s trending,” Lyles says. Do an at-home Instagram photoshoot with your one houseplant. Pretend you’re actually on vacation in Hawaii. Or learn a TikTok dance—this is a great way to have some fun and get a workout in (not to mention expelling some of your nervous "I'm about to propose!" energy). At the end of the dance, that’s when you propose.

For the PDA Couple

“You have the private couples,” Lyles says, “but then you have the public couples that like the attention.” If you want the world to know you’re in love, then Lyles suggests hosting a virtual party on Zoom, Google Hangout, or whatever your preferred form of video conferencing may be. Invite your friends and family, maybe invite that friend who’s always bragging about her perfect relationship. Show her what perfect really looks like. Drink some wine, play some games, and at the height of all the fun, get down on one knee. All eyes will be on you.

For the Vacay Couple

Were you planning on proposing on a big trip to Paris? Well, you can’t do that anymore, but why not bring Paris to Houston? Print out pictures of the Eiffel Tower and tape them to your wall, play “La Vie En Rose” on Spotify, get some flowers from the grocery store. With a little creativity and imagination, you can recreate springtime in the Tuileries Garden in your 600-square-foot Montrose apartment. If it doesn’t look exactly the same, at least they'll be impressed by the effort, right?

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