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Buy an Engagement Ring from Zadok, and They’ll Plant a Tree in Your Honor

The decades-old Houston jewelry store is partnering with Trees For Houston on this initiative.

By Catherine Wendlandt September 7, 2020

Three people stand with shovels to plant trees.

Segev Zadok, Laura Mayer of Trees For Houston, and Jonathan Zadok. 

You meet someone. You fall in love. You get engaged. You plant a tree—well, Zadok Jewelers will plant it for you. 

Partnering with Trees For Houston, which has planted more than half a million trees in Houston since the 1980s, the jewelry store will plant a tree sapling for every engagement ring brought from them. “When you take a diamond from the earth, you’re taking something from our planet,” partner Segev Zadok says. “We wanted to give back what we take from it.”

Zadok says his family, which has owned and operated the Uptown store for seven generations, wanted to help replace the trees Houston’s lost thanks to hurricanes over the years while adding to the city’s growing green spaces.

The store will preselect potential locations to plant the trees based on advice from Trees For Houston, but each couple will get the final decision of where their sapling (and their love) will plant its roots.

Zadok says the store had been in talks with Trees For Houston about this project for about a year, but plans were slowed because of the pandemic. The initiative finally started about two weeks ago, although the official kickoff, when the first round of trees is planted, will take place in late October.

While the company has participated in charitable events in the past, this is the first time it’s launched a program of this scale. “Rather than just giving money or jewelry for a gala or an auction or something, this is one of the first initiatives like this,” Zadok says. “Helping our environment is really, really important to us.”

A rendering of Zadok's new storefront.

A rendering of Zadok's new storefront.

This new initiative comes in the midst of big changes for Zadok. In May 2019, the store announced it was building a brand-new location, right behind its current storefront, at 1801 Post Oak.

The new storefront, which is set to open February 2021, will be about twice the size of the old one, roughly 28,000 square feet. In keeping with its arboreal endeavors, Zadok says the company is planting a tree on the building. “We wanted to have something natural,” Zadok said. “This is another way to plant a tree.”

As for the engagement ring initiative, the program is ongoing. There’s no end date, Zadok says, so it could go on for years. “I want to be able to look back in, say, five years’ time, 10 years’ time and say, ‘We’ve planted thousands of trees.’”