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Have Your March Madness Bracket Ready? Get a $100 Jewelry Gift Certificate 

Dubin’s Fine Jewelry is offering gift certificates to anyone who participates and bigger prizes for the winning brackets. 

By Catherine Wendlandt March 17, 2021

Love March Madness? You’re going to love this deal even more. 

Family-owned boutique Houston jewelers Dubin’s Fine Jewelry is getting into the game by offering up a March Madness Bracket Challenge. 

Here’s how it works: Register your bracket picks with CBS Sports, then submit your bracket with Dubin’s here. You have until the first game—when Texas Southern University’s Tigers take on Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers Thursday at 4:10 p.m.—to get your bracket submitted.

So what do I win? Well, you get a $100 gift certificate to the jewelry store just for participating. If you get a perfect bracket (i.e., you pick every single winner for every single game), you’ll win a $7,500 diamond ring. Pick the first-place bracket, and you’ll get a $1,000 gift card; pick the second-place bracket, get a $500 gift card; and the third-place bracket will earn you a $250 gift card.

Good luck, folks. 

And don’t forget to cheer on Texas Southern and University of Houston!

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