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what started as a wardrobe styling service, has grown into the unimaginable for Torianna “Tori” Breaux – founder of the Houston-based fashion label Tordrobes. Discovered in 2020, the brand has garnered a following of over 20 thousand followers, and a global clientele stretching from Arizona to London in less than a year. 

For Breaux, her first collection last December sold out within hours. With skepticism, the designer released two items; the grey Symmetrical U-Zip Pants and white U-Zip Wife Beater. Hesitant to release the first of many drops, she sat on her pieces for months, not knowing the success that awaited her. 

“I ordered a hundred shirts and a hundred pairs of pants. I had them sit in my house for about three months. I didn't sell them, I didn't show anybody, I didn't promote them. I did nothing,” Breaux tells Houstonia. “I was just like, ‘I don't think this is right, because it’s something that I'm not confident about.’ I ended up dropping the collection after getting suspended from my job, and I had to see what was next for me.”

Image: Tordrobes

The signature pants from Tordrobes are curated with a wool texture and an elastic fit. But, what stamps its uniqueness is a detachable zipper, and the label’s skull-like butterfly logo, drawn by Tori’s then 12-year-old sister Mariah

“With my brand, I try to make it as genuine, and any piece you see, you’ll be like, ‘Tori would wear that!’ ” she exclaimed. “Name a time where you’ve seen a butterfly on detachable pants? I just try to make every design very different to where I can say, ‘I have never seen that before.’”

The trademark bottoms' most impressive feature can be compared to the movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants they look incredible on any body type. Breaux's mission is to build confidence within her shoppers, making them feel good wherever the day takes them.

“A lot of girls that wear pants love the way their body looks, and that's the main thing,” Tori explains. “There are clothes that don't fit your body right, so you feel like you don't have the right body. This generation is quick to get body enhancements, but we don't have to do that. We can just make clothes that make you feel amazing.” 

Olive U-Zip

Image: Tordrobes

For the brand's latest Fall/Winter campaign, the designer and her close friends visited Arizona for its authentic backdrop of ochre mountains; complimenting the new olive and cinnamon shades. Accompanying the Symmetrical U-Zip Pants, is a long-sleeve variation to the U-Zip top. “With the new collection, I wanted to bring a different look and make sure it doesn’t saturate with color too much, but make sure to get those neutral colors,” Tori says. 

This past Sunday, Tordrobes hosted its first pop-up, including a soft release with the brand's upcoming designs. Visitors walked into a gallery-inspired installment with each garment positioned in a bronze, antiquated frame next to a QR code that allowed you to purchase the item. Every garb was packaged in a black bag with the label’s distinguished tagline, “Most importantly…remain sane,” synonymous with Tori’s life motto. 

Owner Torianna Breaux (middle) hosts Tordrobes Pop-up.

Image: Markel Allen

“I always tell people, I've already lived four different lives. Coming from nothing to living in shelters, and going through my parents' divorce, I try to see the brighter side in everything. Believing in God, I always believe that there’s a good turn out at the end of everything, and the most important thing throughout all of it is to remain sane.”

Tordrobes Fall/Winter 21-22 collection is now available to shop online.

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