With Black Friday making its arrival next week, Houstonia Staff have been gearing up for arguably the biggest sale of the year. Leading our picks are must have electronics. When Sam's club is taking $15 off the latest Apple Watch and a $140 massage gun drops to $80, these deals are too incredible to not take advantage of. Other shops like Ulta are hosting a range of deals for perfume, hair tools and of course makeup and skin care. Among the deals are 30% off Kylie Skin which has definitely caught the eyes of the style writer. 

While you're planning out your Black Friday shopping, read ahead to add our picks to your list. 

Kylie Skin Sugar Lip Scrub

$20 $14

Image: Ulta

"With all of Kylie Skin being 30% off at Ulta for Black Friday, I'll be taking advantage by snagging Kylie's lip scrub. With the perfect of Shea Butter and Vitamin E, the Allure Beauty approved product is a must for a kissable pout." - Danielle Wright - Style Writer

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Bose Quiet Comfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

$329 $279

Image: Amazon

"Nothing is worse than having a pair of headphones with poor music quality, low durability, and a boring design. The Bose headphones have become incredibly reliable, and all of the features of the Quiet Comfort's allow you to enjoy your music wherever you are. It's not too clunky or gaudy, and you can control nearly every aspect of the sounds you play." - Craig Hayes - Fall Intern 

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Image: Amazon

"In the spirit of gearing up for winter and all the time spent at home watching movies, I'm looking forward to getting a brand new smart TV. This 43in TV is just right for my space." - Amarie Gipson - Arts & Culture Editor

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Peloton Bike+

$2,495 $2,145

Image: Peloton

"For as long as I have put this off, it’s time I join the Peloton cult! I like to promise myself that fitness will be my top new year’s resolution and while that doesn’t always end up being the case, this Black Friday Deal gets me one step closer." - Stephanie Bartels - Digital Editor

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Apple Watch Series 7 

$399 $385

Image: Apple

"After seeing multiple articles about the Black Friday deals on this watch, I feel like I have to have it. As someone who uses their current Apple Watch for all things fitness, I hope I can get my hands on this one too and use it to get a more accurate reading for my journey in the gym." - Sofia Gonzales - Fall Intern

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Spanx Faux Suede Leggings


Image: Spanx

"I have been eying these faux suede leggings from Spanx and am counting down to Black Friday so I can get them on sale at Hemline! Since deals will be offered throughout the whole store, I expect I’ll be coming home with a few more [unplanned] pieces!" - Marianna Corcoran - Marketing Director

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Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun

$140 $80

Image: Amazon

"I've seen a lot of hype about these massage guns online, and as a former college athlete I'd love to try it out on some of my chronic aches and pains. After seeing it on Amazon for $79.99 it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself." - Shelby Stewart - Senior Staff Writer

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Chubbies The Tortugas 7" Stretch 

$70 $45

Image: Chubbies

"As a transplant to Houston the first thing I learned was that I needed more shorts in my wardrobe. A midwesterner like myself has all the jeans and sweatshirts you could ask for but down here "Sky's out, thighs out"! I'm looking forward to leveraging the Chubbies Shorts Black Friday sale. It's time to trade in my leg prisons (jeans) for freedom." - Jesse Hieb - Account Executive

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