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Luxe River Oaks Furniture Store Debuts Latest Assortment

A new batch of must-have inventory arrived at the retailer and they're perfect for your home.

By Danielle Wright Edited by Stephanie Bartels November 18, 2021

Merrell Chaise by Pinch

Image: Pinch

Modernesque interior design agency and furniture market M.Naeve of M.Naeve Interiors added an exclusive batch of new inventory. Known for the vintage yet contemporary lines of pieces stemming from Italian, French, and Swedish design, the latest lines add hints of simplistic statement pieces, perfect for revamping your home. Among the latest additions are Pinch, Black Creek Market, Christopher Krelling Studio and Madda Studio.

Established in 2004 by Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon, PINCH embodies elegance with a homey feel. Carried exclusively in Texas by M.Naeve, the newest adornments include the Merrell Chaise seat (above), Alba Sideboard table and two Avery Armchair Upholstered. Each piece catering to smooth grey's and eggshell hues. 

Cast Bronze Table by Black Creek Market

Owned by Joshua Vogel, Black Creek Market or BCMT, takes fresh wood and transforms them into contemporary pieces. The latest designs offered at M.Naeve are a set of stands including the Cast Bronze Table, the light wooded wide Stave Dining Table and the Cast iron Coffee Table. If you're aiming for more lumber selects, these are perfect. 

Madda Studio, founded by Maddalena Forcella is dedicated to providing handcrafted textiles and exquisite rugs. Each furnishing is created with hand-spun wool by Mayan women on pre-Hispanic drop spindles and weaved on pedal looms in Oaxaca. Offered at M.Naeve are three sets of pillows. A set of three grey tones come in large, medium and small. Another two set is an ombre grey and an a blend of eggshell, grey and black. The last is a set of two in a cream and latte abstract design. Each set is paired with a similar rug respective to its style. 

Restraint Rocker Lounge Chair by Christopher Kreiling Studio

The last featured designer is Christopher Kreiling Studio. Inspired by nature and architecture, the eponymous label is full of unique sculptures. Among the arriving artistry are a 22-Karat Gold Gilt Crystal Sculptures, a Restraint Rocker Lounge Chair and Meteorite Cocktail Tables. If your home is in need of major pizzazz, furniture from this studio will instantly enhance any room. 

Each piece is available now to shop at M.Naeve. For more information visit online or in store located at 1911 Westheimer Road. 

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