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Houstonia’s staff has been pretty deep into their style bag this season. Walking the workplace in show stopping boots and keeping warm in luxury jackets, transforming the team into the ultimate Vogue cover. 

However, there is one important piece missing from the ensemble, some bling. While there is a wide range of options, there seems to be a tug of war between minimalism and maximalism. Marianna Corcoran is leaning towards the sleeker side with a pair of diamond studs, whereas Amarie Gipson is going full force with a necklace by Homer, singer Frank Ocean’s latest jewelry line. We also see a Houston staple grill chosen by Camillo Smith and of course, a luxury find from Hermes by Nandi Howard. 

No matter your style, take some inspo below with jewelry picks by Houstonia Staff.

Studio Cult Skinny Dip Ring


Image: Studio Cult

"I have had this Skinny Dip Ring on my mind for months and have finally decided to splurge. Studio Cult is known for their unique jewelry designs, but this one completely blows the other pieces out of the water. Plus, it'll be a great conversation starter." - Danielle Wright - Style Writer

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Homer Sphere Legs Pendants


Image: Homer

"Frank Ocean broke the internet back in August with the announcement of his new jewelry brand Homer. I've been saving for one of these $1500 Sphere Legs Pendants and a matching ball chain. It's the perfect balance between a statement piece and something casual. They're sold out online but even more reason to visit the storefront in NYC." - Amarie Gipson: Arts & Culture Editor

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Tiffany & Co. Olive Leaf Bypass Ring


Image: Tiffany & Co.

"As someone who is all about rings, this one is to die for-plus it’s Tiffany and Co and not too expensive compared to their other pieces. I love the simplistic yet elegant look that this ring emulates, and I hope to have it in my jewelry collection one day." - Sofia Gonzalez - Fall Intern

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Third Eye Pine Cones Blue Lace Agate Full Sinew


"When it comes to jewelry, I love a good statement piece and nothing is better than wearing handcrafted works of art made with intention.  With a variation of crystals and a slice of natural pinecone, the spiritual presence I feel from the necklace is calm and one with nature." - Geneva Diaz - Editorial Assistant 

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King Johnny 8 White Gold Diamond PaveTeeth Honeycomb Local


Image: King Johnny

"Mouth jewelry is ubiquitous in so many cities around the country nowadays. But, nothing says you're from Houston like a set of gold grills." - Camilo Hannibal Smith - Managing Editor

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Hermès Clic H Bracelet


Image: Hermès

"From my previous selects, you can tell I lean more on the luxury side. With all the hard work I've been putting in the office, I'll be treating myself to this orange Hermés bracelet, fit for a boss." - Nandi Howard - Editor In Chief

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Miansai's Sterling Silver Square Step Ring


Image: Miansai

"Miansai has a sizeable collection of jewelry, perfect for those who are drawn to a minimalist style. The Square Step Ring leaves an impression, having a sleek construction while maintaining a simple look that compliments any outfit. It's reminiscent of a signet ring without the unnecessary flare." - Craig Hayes - Fall Intern

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Thomas Markle Studs Local


Image: Thomas Markle

"A staple for every jewelry collection! Diamond studs are timeless and perfect for everyday wear or adding a simple glitz to an evening outfit. They’re enough to be worn on their own or can always be paired with larger, statement necklaces. I like these from local jeweler, Thomas Markle. The price varies by diamond size, color and clarity, so you can find a pair that best fits your budget!" - Marianna Corcoran

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Rose Gold Pavé Scallop Link Band Apple Watch


"You'll come to find I love an effortless fashion piece! This rose gold band is the perfect way to dress up my watch for a night out, while still tracking my steps." - Stephanie Bartels - Digital Editor

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