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Coach Taps Houston TikToker For Latest Ski Collection

Houstonia chats with content creator Wisdom Kaye about his starring role in the newest campaign.

By Danielle Wright December 3, 2021

With the success of Coach’s collaboration with Meg Thee Stallion, it’s quite clear they’ve got their eyes set on Houston. To introduce the brand's latest Ski Collection, Coach turns to Space City’s fashion forward TikToker Wisdom Kaye for a snowy campaign on the slopes. 

Nostalgic winter sportswear was the mood board for the collection which is serving the seasonal shearling, cozy sweaters and quilted leather bags. And since vintage resell continues to dominate the fashion market, Coach Ski Collection was inspired by retro finds, displayed in the piece’s graphics. Vivid nylon stripes are present throughout the assemblage, with patch appliques on it's handbags. 

“Coach Ski is inspired by winter adventures and the possibilities of tomorrow,” said Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers in a statement.“ Joyful and nostalgic, it reimagines our heritage within the bold, colorful language of American sportswear.”

To bring the collection to life, the brand heads to the slopes starring actress Brittany O’Grady, models Tiffany Guo and Mia Regan and TikTok star Wisdom Kaye. The verified content creator has garnered 7.4 million followers and has caught the attention of high fashion publication Vogue and Mr. Porter.  In the campaign, Kaye is seen sporting the Chevron Aviator, Latte Ski Pant and Puffer Boot, styled with Crossword Knit Mittens and the League Belt Bag

“People like Coach have a really good eye for finding and recruiting talents to work with so I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody at the Coach camp saw a TikTok video and was like, ‘Oh hey this guy looks kind of cool. Let's work with him’ or something,” Kaye tells Houstonia. “It’s been really organic and fun since it all started, so I think it was a good relationship to happen.”

Along with the Ski Collection and inspired by the brand’s “Give A Little Love,” message for the holidays, Coach will debut  “Snow City.” The digital game allows players to race through snowy New York City as a Coach Holiday animal, collecting “love” that they can share with friends. 

Ahead, Houstonia chats with Wisdom Kaye about the Ski Collection, how the south influenced his taste in fashion and what’s next for the style influencer.

HOUSTONIA: What are some of your favorite pieces from the Coach Ski Collection that caught your eye? And, will you be rocking these on the slopes or are we going to see them in one of the amazing outfit videos you do on TikTok? 

Chevron Aviator

Wisdom Kaye: You know, it’s very possible actually. Some friends and I were planning on taking a trip to Colorado and that would be the perfect time to wear the ski boots that are part of the collection. I’ve been really into bulky silhouettes lately, like really big silhouettes and shapes and the boots from this collection are really nice. Some of the Coach jackets are just out of this world. The way they combine the leather and the shearling and the nylon. Some of these jackets are super interesting and not only are they fun to look at, but will definitely keep someone warm when they’re skiing or if it’s snowing. I cannot wait to go to Colorado and rock some Coach! 

Houstonia: Living in different areas in the south, where did this love for fashion come from? 

Wisdom Kaye: It’s kind of interesting because I didn’t really grow up around it or have any influences. There was a little vintage place nearby my school and I had never really seen a vintage store like this before. It was sort of 70’s, 80’s vintage clothing, and it inspired me to branch out. I didn’t think making anything would get me to where I am. Tik-Tok just came out and I was like, ‘okay I’ll post on there’ but I’ve just kind of liked always dressing well. When Tik-Tok happened, and I got on there, that’s when I was like, ‘You know what- there’s opportunities coming. Why don’t I make the most of them?’ That’s kind of how I wiggled my way into the industry. 

Houstonia: Do you think it’s harder for creatives in the south to sort of expand? 

Puffer Boot

Wisdom Kaye: I will say there’s definitely a possibility. Even when I think of all the work that I do, I’m always traveling to either New York or LA. I’ve only had one thing in Houston, but most of the work I do is out of Texas. Since a lot of stuff isn’t really happening there, that makes it harder for me and other creatives to do other things. However there’s still a hub of people that create things there, so it has the possibility to become something! There’s a scene in New York and in Brooklyn and although these scenes of art and fashion have been there forever, they started somewhere. I would definitely say there are still things going on and whenever there’s opportunity in Houston, or Texas in general, I try to be a part of it. 

Houstonia: What's next for you? 

Wisdom Kaye: A magician never reveals his secrets. Things come day by day, it’s really just a matter of like, ‘Okay let’s do this. Can I dress to this? Am I ready for this?’ I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, working hard, trying to expand who I am and just take the opportunities as they come. 

Shop the Coach Ski Collection available online and in store at The Galleria located at 5115 Westheimer Rd.

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