Here are seven gifts to purchase for the DJ Screw fan in your life. 


DJ Screw is an important figure in Houston hip-hop, and an ever bigger character in the music industry at large. Though his untimely death happened 21 years ago, Screw's impact is still felt, and Screwheads everywhere are upholding the legacy he so tragically left behind. 

How do you master holiday shopping for a die-hard DJ Screw fan?

While getting original Screw tapes would be the highest honor一it can also get pricey一Screw's prized All Work No Play cassette tape is priced at a striking $1,149.95.


If you have a Screw lover in your household and don't want to break the bank this holiday season, here are seven gifts we know they'll love. 

Slumped Boyz Merchandise


Local clothing brand Slumped Boyz is upholding OG Houston culture through their various apparel designs, like airbrushed tees and tributes to Screwed Up Click albums. The brand consistently rotates their lineup of gear, so visit their website to stay up to date. 

Slumped Boyz, prices start at $35.00. For more information, visit

Official Screwed Up Click Hoodie


You can never go wrong with the authentic Screwed Up Click hoodie. Custom made with it's seminal design, any DJ Screw fan would wear the Screwed Up Click hoodie proudly. The jacket comes in multiple color ways, including black, grey and pink. Shop the hoodie in store or online. 

Screwed Up Records & Tapes, 3538 West Fuqua Street. Prices start at $77.00. For more information, visit

Mike Lazo Photography, Screw Tapes


Showcase your love for Screw with some original artwork from local Houston photographer Mike Lazo. On his website, he has prints of a real Screw Tape collection. The print is currently on sale for $35.00. 

Mike Lazo Screw Tapes, $35.00. For more information, visit,

 713 Shirt's DJ Screw Beach Towel


Screwheads love all things DJ Screw, and this trinket takes their fandom for amateur to pro. 713 Shirt's DJ Screw Beach Towel has all the makings of a Screw Tape, and is titled Slowed N' Thoed

713 Shirts, 8536 West Bellfort. Prices start at $30.00. For more information, visit,

Lance Scott Walker's book, DJ Screw: A Life In Slow Revolution 


If you want a well-documented history on DJ Screw, Lance Scott Walker's forthcoming book is the answer. The new book, titled DJ Screw: A Life In Slow Revolution, details Screw's life and death, and being known as the originator of the chopped and screwed sound. 

DJ Screw: A Life In Slow Revolution, available for pre-order. Starting at $30. $70 for DJ Screw/Houston Rap Tapes bundle. For more information, visit,

Savage Hearted's DJ Screw Shorts


What says fan more that wearing DJ Screw on your body一literally? Local apparel brand Savage Hearted designed a creative pair of trunks that are both vibrant in color and abstract in design, a reflection of the man known as The Originator. Plus, when you buy the shorts, your purchase comes with a custom DJ Screw keychain, free of charge. 

Savage Hearted, DJ Screw Shorts, $45.00. For more information, visit,

 Purple Reign Apparel's "I Feel Like DJ Screw" Hat


Real Screw fans know that the Screw love runs through their veins. Show your passion for Screw with Purple Reign Aparell's dad hat. The hat, which comes in purple includes the phrase, "I feel Like DJ Screw" written in a medieval gothic font. 

Purple Reign "I Feel Like DJ Screw" dad hat. For more information, visit,



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