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The Astros have been busier than ever in the playoffs.

On Tuesday, the team faced-off with the Chicago White Soxleaving baseball fanatics everywhere in a state of bliss as they won Game 4 and advance to The American League Championship Series. As they face off the Atlanta Braves, no matter where you’re watching Houston's home team dominate, it’s an unwritten rule to show your pride with the apparel to prove it. 

Instead of wearing the same Astros shirt you’ve had since their 2016 World Series win, Here's 10 affordable items to shop on Etsy to showcase your 2021 game-day style. 

Khloe Sunshine Co. Astros Shoe Charm Local


Crocs prioritize comfort, convenience, and quirky style, so why not add some sporty flair? Purchase handmade Astros-themed shoe charms to pop onto your slip-ons for a comfy game-day look. 

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Ivy Art Studio Astros Mask Local


Masks don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so why not wear one that’s made just for Astros’ fans? 

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shop MexicAnita Astros Earrings Local


Send a clear message of who you’re rooting for with these cute, handcrafted white jersey earrings.

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Lucky Loaf Creations Boho Fringe Earrings Local


Hoop earrings are the ultimate game-changer. These Boho Fringe earrings are lightweight, affordable, and can be personalized to show your team spirit. 

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Sissys Floral Creation Astros Tee Local


With these retro tie-dye Houston Astros Tee, you don’t have to stress about putting together a complicated outfit. Instead, aim for a simple and approachable look, like jeans or leggings, to pair with this colorful shirt. 

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Sylvia Rosarye Astros Unisex T-Shirt Local


The Astros’ triumph in the playoffs has fans in a boastful mood. What better way to celebrate baseball and the spooky holiday than by putting Jason on a t-shirt to threaten (jokingly) all non-Astros’ fans? .

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Erru Ratui Men Astros Blank Base Jersey


Image: Erru Ratui

Jerseys have been a long-standing gameday piece, so you can never go wrong with a striking orange Astros jersey. 

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Point Paths Men's Astros Vintage Shorts Local


Image: Point Path's

Point Paths Men’s Houston Astros Navy Vintage Shorts add the creativity you need to turn heads. The color gradient stripes and embroidered logo add a retro touch. 

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Thrifted Threads 80s Astros Nylon Jacket


The fashion trends of the 90’s era like oversized clothes have come back in full effect, but why not push the limit with a nifty nylon Astros jacket? 

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Todd Michael Curtis TMC Astros 2021 Custom Sneakers Local


If you want the world to know who you’re repping, nothing screams fandom quite like custom shoes. These flamboyant sneakers are prepared for flipping burger patties at the tailgate, to waiting in line for those tasty nachos inside Minute Maid Park.

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