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Gucci Debuts Latest Spring Pineapple Collection

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, luxuriously.

By Danielle Wright

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With the release of Gucci’s Pineapple collection, spring has unofficially arrived in fashion. While normally the luxury conglomerate offers unisex wear, the latest assemblage tailors to menswear, with a playful yet refined design to introduce the new season. 

Gucci Pineapple Vest

Image: Gucci

The ready-to-wear collection offers a combination of collegiate and streetwear pieces such as the v-neck cotton vest or jersey sweatshirt, complemented by blues, greens, and the bright yellow pineapple motif. The collection also hits vintage styles featuring polo sweaters, flared trousers, and large rectangular-frame sunglasses popularized in the 70s. The brand reimagines its signature monogram by renaming it the GG supreme pattern, which is seen on button-down bowling coordinates, and a four-piece denim suit including a pant, jacket, vest, and shorts

Aside from apparel, the collection includes a range of accessories such as leather belts, wallets, as well as tote bags, and a backpack featuring the GG supreme overlaid by whimsical rows of pineapples with the statement, “What’s Inside.” To complete the collection is an array of footwear featuring a variety of classic loafers. 

Gucci Pineapple Polo Shirt

Image: Gucci

Other notable pieces from the collection are the men's rhyton sneaker, with striking orange soles; the black and white checkerboard gingham jacket with pineapple applique, and a multi-color button-down nylon jacket. 

The Pineapple Collection serves as a continuation of the Gucci 100 anniversary, with the graphic sweatshirt and polo tee having “22thousand 7hundred and 5 Gucci songs,” representing the number of songs the label has been mentioned in since 1921. Prices for the assemblage range from a $320 card case wallet to the large blue leather tote with the Gucci logo set at $3,950.

Shop Gucci Pineapple available online or in-store at The Galleria, located at 5015 Westheimer Rd Suite A2422.

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