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Here’s What You Need to Become a Master at Grilling

Shop these essential accessories.

By Danielle Wright With Ile-Ife Okantah

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Shop summer grilling products from Amazon, Home Depot and Scrub Daddy

Memorial Day weekend is a popular time to kick off the summer grilling season. Whether you’re known for making a good burger or for grilling up a juicy steak, you can never have enough barbecue accessories to own your grill master title. 

Level up your grilling style with accessories like the TikTok-famous Scrub Daddy BBQ Scrub Brush to make cleaning the grill more effortless than ever. Then, season your protein of choice with Texas BBQ’s Grand Champion rub, adding winning flavor to your summer lineup. These tools and more will make you this year’s cookout champion. 

Scroll ahead and shop for the best barbecue accessories for summer grilling. 

BBQ Rubdown Best Darn Fajita Rub Local


For a local option, Manready Mercantile sells a delicious fajita rub. What’s excellent about Manready rubs is that when applied with their base coat, the spices permeate deep into the meat and create a thick layer of flavor. Just wait at least 10 minutes before adding the meat to the grill. 

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2-In-1 Oven Rack & Grill Cleaner


Image: Amazon

Clean freaks can rejoice over this extremely effective grill cleaner. It is made for stainless steel and enamel and can be used in four easy steps: put the racks in a bag, pour solutions in the bag, let the racks soak, then rinse.

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Texas BBQ Rub Grand Champion Local


Houston’s own Texas Star Grill Shop sells its award-winning dry rubs so you can bring the nationally lauded flavors home. Their newest rub, Grand Champion BBQ, is available online in two-pound bags.

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BBQ Dragon Extreme Heat Resistance Gloves


Image: Home Depot

If you can’t stand the heat, grab your BBQ Dragon gloves. There’s no need to leave your post due to hot temperatures with heat-resistant gloves made especially for grilling. The gloves are made with an aramid fiber that resists up to 930℉.

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Good Grips Basting Pot and Brush Set


Image: Amazon

For those known for sauces and marinades, it’s essential to be as efficient as possible when cooking for a crowd. Amazon sells a great basting pot and brush set made for easy sauce application and cleanup. The pot holds up to 18 ounces of your creation, and the brush’s angled head helps keep surfaces clean.

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BBQ Daddy Scrub Brush


Image: Scrub Daddy

The trendy Scrub Daddy sponge brand has specifically developed a high-tech scrubbing head for grill cleaning. The scrubber firms up when dipped in cold water. Then, as you scrub, steam from the grill boosts your cleaning power to gradually soften the sponge, allowing you to reach the nooks and crannies.

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Cuisinart Grilling Tool Set


Image: Amazon

There are three essential tools for grilling: a spatula, grill fork, and grill tongs. Available in five different accent colors, Amazon sells a vital grilling tool set with instruments made of stainless steel and rubber plastic grips.

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All-Clad Grill Basket


A grill basket is an easy way to take your grilling game from beginner to intermediate. Williams Sonoma offers a stainless steel basket with large holes that add smoky flavor to the food. The large handles make for safe and easy handling.

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Smart Meat Thermometer


Image: Amazon

Food safety is an important element when cooking for yourself or others. A meat thermometer ensures your food is fully cooked to its safe temperature, avoiding the chances of harmful bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella from growing. This smart thermometer is wireless and allows you to monitor your cooking using a free app.

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Manready Apron Local


The first step to being a successful grill master is to accessorize appropriately. This waxed canvas apron is stylish and sturdy, ready for frequent use. There’s even a utility ring for a hand towel to ensure you’re prepared for anything.

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