Sneak Into Fall

15 Fall Trending Sneakers For Men

From designer digs to a simple guy's night.

By Danielle Wright

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WHILE SNEAKERS WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE, the must-have accessory has gotten some major upgrades over the years. Luckily for men, comfortable footwear is either minimized to a sleek design or maximized for eye candy. A modest shoe is usually always presented with a monochromatic take featuring tan, white, or gray color schemes for simplicity, while the vibrant selects are full of distinct color palettes. However, there are shoes that fall into both categories, enhancing clean design through color blocking.

With big thanks to the pandemic pushing comfort to the front, the dad shoe, and tech designs are now top of the list when searching for new kicks. However, fashion always has to include a choice for the minimalist, so a neat low top will do the low-maintenance buyer just right.

For whichever style fits you best, scroll ahead for 15 sneakers that fall in line with this season’s must-haves.

New Balance 327


Image: Premium Goods

New Balance's is a classic buy for the perfect mix of simple yet stylish. With its smooth gray finish, the 327 will pair nicely with any fit from a lunch date to the office. Shop for a pair at Houston's Premium Goods.

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Last Resort AB VM001


With skateboard shoes making a comeback, Last Resorts AB VM001 runs well for fall with its latte hue. Pick up a pair at Houston's Southside Skate Shop

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Adidas Superstar 


Image: Adidas

The Adidas Superstar is a good snag for the ultimate minimalists. 

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Loewe Flo Runner 


Image: Loewe

For a sneaker that is more on the luxurious side, Loewe's latest color way for the Flo Runners features a crimson and honey color block that is apple picking certified. 

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Rag & Bone Retro Runner 


Image: Rag & Bone

With the go-to fall colors being neutrals and warm tones, sometimes the shade of Burgundy can get lost in the mix. Show off the underrated hue with Rag & Bone's Retro Runner.

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Banana Republic High Top


The high top has made its reappearance on the must have list. Banana Republic's rendition checks off both minimalism and on trend for a versatile sneaker.

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Adidas Ultraboost 21 


Image: Adidas

Adidas' Ultraboost 21 is one of the top buys for those in tech. From its new Torison System providing a 15% increase in a responsive run, 6% increase in boost capsules for energy and Primeblue eco friendly element, these shoes will make taking the stairs seem more practical.

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Solomon XT-6


Image: Solomon

To pick a sneaker that has a high end look without the high end price, the Solomon XT-6 is a fine purchase. Another tech shoe, the XT-6 is where durability and cushioning meet for a fashion forward design.

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Veja V-10 White Nautico 


Image: Veja

While sustainability plays a key role in clothes, that doesn't mean footwear is exempt. Veja's V 10 is made from plastic bottles, rubber and water repellent suede and leather that makes for an environmentally friendly sneaker.

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Oliver Cabell Low 1 Starfish


Image: Oliver Cabell

Maybe you would like sneakers with the wear and tear look without raging at the field festival. Oliver Cabell's Low 1 Starfish, has a unique design, with its outer mini zigzag stitching, scuffed markings and smoked laces .

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Nike Dunk Low SP Undefeated Canteen 


Image: Future Retro

Nike's Dunk Low SP Undefeated Canteen is a hidden gem. From its three layer brown color way, with a bright yellow signature emblem, the shoe will definitely turn heads at Thanksgiving dinner. Purchase this pair at Houston's Future Retro

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Converse CT 70 Hi


Does it truly feel like fall without some sort of plaid? Converse's CT 70 Hi dunks come in a deep navy with hints of orange that are the go-to shoe for the pumpkin patch. For the exact look, purchase a pair at Houston's The Tipping Point

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N9000 Premium Redwood


The N9000 Premium Redwood pays homage to fall. Pick up a pair at Houston's The Tipping Point.

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New Balance 440GNT


Although New Balance is mostly known for its dad shoe look, the 440 GNT is a emerging design for the brand. Its olive color way with navy emblem fits perfectly within the season's color palette. Purchase this pair at Houston's Southside Skate Shop

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Jordan MA2 


Image: Premium Goods

Who can turn down a pair of Jordan sneakers? Purchase another good buy at Houston's Premium Goods.

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