Ridin' Dirty Volume IV

Scenes we've come across on our bike over the past month or two.

By John Lomax February 24, 2014

So here we have another batch of pics taken on bike rides. Most of these date from the first six weeks of this year, though one was taken a couple of summers back. (Here are the previous installments.)

Here's a snow-cone push-cart I found parked behind Jimmy's Ice House in the Heights...


I am a sucker for Shipley's signs. This one on Ella is my second-favorite. The one on Bissonnet near Bayland Park is the best. 


In the Med Center I found this real pelican... 


....a few days after I saw this fake one in Midtown.


 Giant roosters, David Adickes patriot-banana, etc.


 Airline Drive: lots of little Santa Muertes....


 ...and one great big Santa Muerte.


 Burgers, cheap vodka, and sudden death at Durham and 610. 


I came upon this sinister scene in Cottage Grove, across the street from newly-opened Weirdo Video.


Miami Garden, 9540 Kempwood: the gaudiest and trippiest apartment complex entrance in all of Houston. See it at night, when the palms are illuminated.

Here are a couple more from what is left of the Cottage Grove barrio, currently undergoing terrifyingly rapid transformation to something more like Condo Canyons.


This guy makes me think of a composite of Groucho and Chico Marx...


One of the twin cast-iron cobras of Cottage Grove terrifies my daughter, Harriet.


The Dead Palms of North Montrose, described by Ray Redding Jr. as "either a poor man's James Surls installation or an homage to True Detective."


We'll close with the gnaughtiest gnome in Shady Acres...



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