Safety Follows Wisdom; Obscurity Obliterates Both

An imposing Inner Loop monument you've probably never seen before.

By John Lomax February 12, 2014

Some years back, inveterate beer-drinking cyclist Jim Sherman felt the call of nature while biking from the East End to the Fifth Ward. Seeing an inviting patch of greenery, he stumbled on to this scene.

But what was that big slab back there? Turns out this was once the site of the Trinity Portland Cement Company, and it appears their safety record was something worth memorializing. Or at least it was in 1929 and a couple of years in the '40s. Despite its wisdom and safety, this facility closed in 1976.

And the street sign still remains, though these sections of the actual streets they once marked (N. Hutcheson and Freund) have been reclaimed by nature. If you want to see it for yourself it is behind the Quietaire facility at Freund and York Street.  

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