Second-Hand Madness

A few of the weirdest and most wonderful finds from Houston's thrift stores.

By John Lomax July 30, 2014

I've been a thrift store fan for years, and now that my daughter takes a three-hour gym class in Southwest Houston, I have ample time and opportunity to explore one of Houston's great second-hand shopping nirvanas.

With a Salvation Army and a Value Village adjacent on Bissonnet, and an always-interesting Goodwill on Hillcroft, Gulfton and Meyerland comprise the Galleria-Highland Village of cut-rate deals. Here are a few of the treasures I have found there recently. (Sorry for the preponderance of vinyl; the music section is generally my first port of call, every time.)

I think it would be awesomeness if we renamed the sleep feature on all alarm clocks "the shut-up button." 

Caps commemorating two intertwined Houston catastrophes!

Little known fact: Before joining the cast of SNL, Fred Armisen was in a top-selling Mexican band.

The thought process that went into the creation of this classic jazz album's cover has eluded everyone for five decades now. When I first posted it on Facebook, it ruined Houston Chronicle culture critic Andrew Dansby's day. "I've been unable to work today because of that Jimmy & Wes cover," he wrote me via Facebook. "I think as soon as I have an even remotely plausible theory for why it exists I can start working."

Nature Boy turned Preacher Man. 

Sin and salvation are never far apart in the Meyerland Goodwill. The front cover of this album was too racy to show on a family blog. 

Well, that's all I've got for you. I hope you are more impressed with my finds than Crabby the Evil Clown.

(Should you want this little blob of nightmare fuel in your own home, it should still be on the shelves at the Bissonnet Salvation Army.)


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