Last-Minute Flight Deals for Summer's Last Stand

Check out these flight deals for to get your beach fill before winter sets in.

By Chris Abshire October 7, 2014

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The Cayman Islands

This week, we will be focusing on the destinations where you can still find some sun and sand before the dog days of winter set in. Let’s face it, Houston is not exactly going to bring constant freezing temperatures or require you to bundle up very often, but we could all use a beach trip, even if it’s a last gasp before the offseason’s chilly evenings instead of a summer vacation. 

Whether you want to explore international waters or stick to a Florida destination, Houston is well situated to send you off for summer fun in the fall.

Here are a few flight deals to get you started on your journey. 

Houston to Cancun, $335
Mexico never leaves you wanting for great beaches, even as the holidays start creeping up. Of course, there’s few more notable destinations than the famed Cancun and it doesn’t disappoint, even in the fall. In fact, late October still feels a lot like summer along this strip of the Yucatan, with average highs still reaching 88 degrees and a sea temperature average of 84 degrees—the same as it is in July. Of course, there may be a rainy day here or there and the breeze stiff but great resorts abound in Cancun and fares starting from $335, it’ll be just a quick skip south across the Gulf of Mexico for a chance to relive the summer season.

Houston to Grand Cayman Island, from $493
Just a few hundred miles east of Cancun is the delightful fall locale of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Starting in just over a week, you can find a flight to the islands around $500 and it will be worth the coin. After all, the island is famous for its world class snorkeling and diving, if you’re not too busy on the popular Seven-Mile Beach. Temperatures can still touch 90 despite October’s rainy season. If you’re forced inside, just explore George Town’s bevy of shopping options or the delectable food choices, like The Brasserie or Cassanova by the Sea.

Miami, from $308
We all know Miami’s appeal, what with the South Beach nightlife and year-round beaching. That’s why a quick weekend in Miami is a perfect option to get your final summer fix without breaking the bank or flying international. There are so many flights from Houston to Miami because of their status as travel hubs in the Gulf region, so good fare is rarely hard to find, especially so in the October and November window. Just be prepared to ready your palette to temporarily convert from Mexican food to the even zestier Cuban cuisine in abundance in Miami.

Barcelona, from $885
Maybe you’re the type of beachgoer who likes to walk on the beach and feel the sand but would rather a vibrant night out than sunburn from a day spent in the water. If you’re willing to splurge a bit and have a chance to jetset for a late fall vacation, then Barcelona is a prime spot for you to visit. Hotels and rentals are usually far cheaper in early November, but the city’s legendary culture remains just as enriching. Highs tend to hover in the mid to upper 70s, perfect for patio drinking and an outdoor Spanish siesta with the locals.

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Enjoy your travels!



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