How to Eat Vegan while Traveling

It's possible, we promise.

By Akshaya Iyer September 28, 2015

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Yes, it's vegan.

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First things first: traveling while vegan isn’t easy. But it’s possible. Here’s how.

1. Plan ahead

While casual spontaneity, strolling the cobblestone streets of paradise, is exciting and sexy for a handful of meals, you’ll want a game plan for the rest, trust us. So do your research and use any of a number of wonderful apps that will direct you to eateries offering vegan options. We also suggest packing a few healthy snacks in your bag in case of emergencies. It’s the healthier, less stressful option.

2. Eat those veggies

Roasted, baked and sauteed and topped with fresh mint and parsley. Cooked with soy sauce, fresh olive oil, or sweet and savory vinaigrettes. Thrown, sizzling hot, on a plate of couscous or a hearty slab of pita bread. The ways different cuisines incorporate veggies are an adventure all on their own. If you’re vegan, you’re probably already familiar with a number of them. Still, prepare to be surprised even further.

3. “Vegan” transcends language barriers

However, it’s smart to learn the term for vegan, vegetarian or whatever you practice as a lifestyle, in the language of the country you’re visiting, to avoid confusion when you’re spelling out V-E-G-A-N to the waiter and he nods in understanding before bringing back a huge fish soaking in a butter broth. Learn the words for “no meat” as well, just in case. But beware: some cultures may be offended by the idea of removing meat from their dishes. Refer to Tip # 1.

4. Just. Say. No.

Look away from the hypnotic five-cheese gougeres! If you’re a recent convert, this one’s for you. Sure, flaky and buttery-soft pastries and moist rum-soaked egg cakes will tease you at every corner. But around another corner is a gorgeous tartelette de myrtille or a smooth vegan ganache just waiting to be devoured. Veganism is expanding everywhere, and the options are endless. You just have to know where to look and have the patience to find it. You’ll be rewarded, we promise.

5. Stay mindful.

The key to staying mindful is to always pay attention and listen when your body speaks. Don’t ever look at veganism as an immediate route to a healthier lifestyle; healthy always means work. Use your adventure to explore options that are delicious and good for you—with the occasional splurge.

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