A Trip to the City of Light

They can't take it away from him.

By Bill Wiatrak November 20, 2015

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Last week I booked a last minute flight to Paris for this next weekend. My plan was to visit the Christmas markets in eastern France and make my way down the Rhine River to visit the Christmas markets. The day after I booked the ticket, almost 150 people were brutally murdered by terrorists in Paris. My friends have been calling me and asking me if I’m canceling my trip. I’m still going. Many people think I’m crazy. Am I?

Terrorists are about scaring people. There’s a reason they cut off people’s heads and blow themselves up in public places. That’s a scary way to die. The extremists are trying to make headlines and get control over us through our fears. If we stay in our homes and don’t go anywhere, they’ve succeeded.

Yes, there are bad people out there, even in the City of Light, on a night when people were eating, taking in music, having a nice evening out like Parisians do. A small group of crazies senselessly took a lot of lives of people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s scary.

But in the aftermath of this senseless Parisian terrorism I feel that the best thing we can do is not let them keep us from living our lives and traveling where we want. Paris depends on tourism and needs our support, now more than ever. Being afraid helps no one. Putting our head in a hole doesn’t make the baddies go away. Taking away the power that they have over us does.

Next weekend I’m going to visit the French Christmas markets, take pictures of the Eiffel tower and have a coffee across from the Moulin Rouge. No one’s going to take that away.

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