Once Christmas passes, New Year’s festivities will sneak up on us—and what better way to ring in 2016 than to do so with friends and family? Unfortunately, not all of us have the floor space (or patience) to play host or hostess to guests. Rather than having out-of-towners stay at a hotel, here are six fun AirBnB options that any visitor would be glad to shack up in for a long weekend.

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Montrose, one bedroom, $144 per night

For the couple that wants the classic comforts of home in a hip neighborhood

Downtown can be a little daunting for folks who aren't accustomed to the rumble of the light rail and the eerily empty streets on the weekends. But for $144 a night, this airy 2,100 square-foot flat in Montrose is decked with cozy furniture and ample lighting, as well as charming mix of modern and vintage-style decor. Plus, it’s only a walking distance away from the city’s best restaurants and shops. 

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Museum District, three bedrooms, $895 per night

For the old souls who want a little slice of history

Despite the growing number high-rise buildings emerging in Houston, there are still historic homes that have kept their charming, Old World aesthetic intact over the years. This quaint 1930s brick home is a quick walk from several museums, as well as Hermann Park and Rice University. Although the house’s exterior highlights its decades-old origins, its decor and amenities certainly reflect a recent contemporary renovation.

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Montrose, two bedrooms, $150 per night

For the minimalists who want a quiet escape pad

Some of us like busy prints and endless tchotchkes, but others just need a couch and a bed with little to no frills. Thus, this lofty Montrose townhouse’s cool tones and simple decor, at $150 a night, is perfect for travelers who are partial to understated, no-fuss abodes. Its two bedrooms include two ensuite bathrooms, and the master bedroom even has an upstairs patio. 

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First Ward, three bedrooms, $2,000 per night

For the dreamers who want to kick it like a baller

Should guests want to live like they’re James Harden for a few days (and have the budget for it), there is a deluxe First Ward townhouse that has all the luxury and comfort of an NBA star’s bachelor pad. The home, which is spacious enough for nine guests, is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, three spacious bedrooms, and a downtown view from its rooftop patio.

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Galleria, one bedroom, $300 per night

For the guest who wants a beautiful skyline view

Don’t let the previous crash pad fool you; you don’t need an athlete bank account in order to enjoy a gorgeous view of the city. This high-rise condominium, at $300 per night, has a spacious balcony that allows guest to revel in Houston’s lovely skyline. The space is easygoing and comfortable enough for a quick sleepover as you explore the rest of the city.

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Galleria, five bedrooms, $499 per night

For when all the relatives are tagging along

A small family affair can easily turn into a giant reunion party—which isn’t so bad, but housing all of your mom’s relatives might be pretty stressful (and understandably so). Luckily, there are a lot of large houses available for lodging on AirBnB, like this five-bedroom home located in the Galleria area. The abode can comfortably house 11 guests, so don’t be concerned if those long-lost cousins that you haven’t seen in years decided to tag along this time.

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