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Make yourself into the cashmere-velvet candy cane Tom Haverford would approve of.

Holidays away from home can be difficult. Whether you’re in a new city and can’t afford to go home, or work calls and this isn’t a year that you can step away, there are as least a few things that can go a long way towards making your holidays just as happy as the rest.


There are few things as awesome as volunteering during the holidays. So many people lack shelter, food, and love during the time of year when there’s supposed to be a multitude of happiness and joy. Handing out gifts, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or spending time with seniors can be a great way to engage with people that need the comfort of knowing that someone in the world cares. It also puts a lot into perspective, and you will inevitably feel happier when helping others. (It's science!

Treat yourself

It is the holidays, for crying out loud. Whether your guilty pleasure is a holiday drink from your favorite coffee shop or holiday cake balls, treat yourself to one (or both!). Don’t be afraid to gift yourself, either. Purchasing something that’s been on your wish list is a great way to show self appreciation, and you may find a few new shops that become long-time favorites in your new city. 

Go to a meetup

You aren’t the only newbie that can’t go home. is a great place to find meet-ups for those that can’t go home. Activities range from Christmas movie-watching parties to holiday happy hours. It’s a great way to meet new people, engage with your community, and get to know new places in your city.   


Even if you can’t be there physically, you can video chat your way into your family holiday. Make use of the wifi and jump into your usual holiday traditions over FaceTime or Skype. Your family will thank you.

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